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Friday, 7 January 2011

It's a good news, bad news day...

Good news......I'm feeling much better.  :-) :-) I only cough now on very rare occasions and although I'm still taking Nurofen my sciatica [if that was what it was] has now reduced to just a dull ache in my hip so proper living is now possible...I'm sure it was all your wonderful positive vibes and very kind wishes.  Many thanks for all your lovely comments.  They have really made me feel very loved.

Bad news... the snow has returned big time so my little play mates can't get to me for their morning play and their Mummy and Daddy have to still move houses [that is if they can get the van up the narrow road and up the steep bank to their old house in 4" of snow].  Not the sort of weather anyone really wants when moving houses is it?  I'm keeping everything crossed for them and am sat here feeling really helpless.

The view from my window this morning.  It all looks very pretty but does get in the way of house moving plans.

I'm sure Twiglet jinxed us by changing her header picture yesterday.   :-)


Twiglet said...

Oh how spooky - I have just updated my blog and said same!!
No oooo its not my fault. It does look pretty tho! Fingers crossed for the move.

mountainear said...

Much the same here - but I think it won't be long before it thaws. Just about to venture out - hope the roads aren't too scary.

Kate said...

glad to hear you're feeling better. We have had rain, rain and more rain here. There's wet coats and trousers all over the living room. Off to check what Twiglet has gone and done.

** Kate **

mckinkle said...

Ooh Annie its good news that youre feeling alot better but what a shock to see the snow again! Eek!

Im sure the excitement of the house move will get them through, adrenaline v snow, easy winner!

Look at all of your work on your 'to do' rail and I just giggled when I read 'it never fails to amaze me what comes through the door'!! Brilliant!

Keryn x

Julia said...

Glad you're feeling better, but oh the snow, will it ever end??
It has begun again here, already and inch or two and the cars are crawling through the slippy slush....bring on the summer!

Sending love
Julia x x x

Karen said...

Oh goodness me Annie!!!! What a pain in the bum on moving day!!! You all have my sympathies and I hope that it all happens & nothing gets broken!

Sorry to see that you have had sciatica...that hurts!!!! Take care HUGS XXX

Michelle Palmer said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend! LOVE your view... I'm sure your feathered friends enjoy peeking in at you, too!
Wishing you warmth~

Suz said...

Hope they managed the move ok..
didn't stick here but was very surprised when l opened the curtains yesterday!
Hugs x

Julia Dunnit said...

So glad you're feeling better. So glad.