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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Busy busy busy....and then Topsy and Tim!

Well, some of you might be wondering where I've been since Wednesday. The end of last week was a busy one with sewing and getting everything ready for the busy weekend ahead.

Friday night was the battle of the supermarket.....are we gonna be snowed in for a month and no one thought to let me know? Or maybe they have brought Christmas Day forward? The aisles were heaving with everyone pushing and shoving. Madness!

Saturday night was hubby's firms Christmas party. It was held at the new Shrewsbury town Prostar Stadium. The food was wonderful, the drink was flowing and the entertainment was a Robbie Williams tribute. He was good but only sang for 50 minutes and earned more than I could earn in a week! Think I should retrain?

Sunday was a very special day. Our youngest daughter goes to Scotland every year with her hubby's family so we have a family party every year before they go and this year it was Sunday. I spent the morning cooking and preparing and all our family arrived around 3pm. 91/2 of us this year :-) [baby bump is developing well as little Sadie is growing fast]. We had a really special few hours together. I am such a proud Mum and Nanny. Our house was filled with just the most wonderful young people and 3 of them were the results of years of love and hard work on our behalf. Plus all 3 have chosen carefully and are making their lives together with really special partners too so we are thrilled for them all. Presents were exchanged and new toys played with. Little Granddaughter P loved the wooden dolly's bed we gave her and spent her time taking all the covers off and climbing in it :-) Dolls may have to fight to get time to sleep :-)

Amongst all the above our eldest daughter rang to say "you know how you like making things for me to use in school Mum"! Next term she is using her Topsy and Tim books to cover topics like 'going to the dentist', 'going to the Dr's etc etc so of course to illustrate it properly she would really like her own Topsy and Tim. For those of you who don't know them they are twins, Tim being a boy and Topsy being a girl and Jean Adamson and Gareth Adamson write books of their adventures. So.......yes you've guessed it..... I'm now making a pair of rag dolls....

Think we've lost our heads!

Well, I've found mine. Just yours to look for now!

Ah, here it is but now I've lost you! Its just not easy when you have no eyes :-)

Found you...and it looks like we have been shopping for clothes. These are some really nice popper fastened shirts....and matching too :-)

Just one more day to go as I shut up shop today til after Christmas so hopefully they will find some facial features and hair, a skirt for Topsy, trousers for Tim and some shoes. Think yours truly has another busy day ahead!


Twiglet said...

I found 23 Topsy & Tim stories on my book shelf. Guess they were Ms favourites many many years ago!! Will pack them up ready for lending out!

Julia Dunnit said...

What a fab way to share Christmas with everyone - nothing I like the sound of more than surrounding yourself with family and revelling in the company.
Topsy and Tim...gracious how things come rushing back! Love the idea of your daughter using the stories, they were sooo good. Looking forward to meeting the dolls!