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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Ok Ok it's Wednesday again so here's my WOYWW

The sewing machine is steaming/smoking today. I've been shortening a lined Burberrys coat plus it's detachable lining. What a job! It was all top stitched and made in panels that all had to be unpicked to shorten it by the 13" requested and then, like a jigsaw, put back together. A very tricky job but I have to say I am rather pleased with the result. Now I have to put a new lining in a gents jacket, alter the shoulders on a dress and shorten 2 pair of trousers. It's all in a day's work for me. :-)
I am thrilled to see Julia has got her machine out this week :-) Ooer and hers is a Singer. Mine has hummed a bit today but it rarely sings :-)....and my motto is "I can do" Julia so I aim to be able to do most jobs even if a little daunted at some. My Grandmother was a dressmaker and I'm sure she sends me some divine intervention at times :-)

I can then, and only then, think about my next challenge. I was emailed yesterday to see if I would like to put some goodies on a school Christmas craft table. The only slight hitch is the sale is this FRIDAY!! So...... its Christmas teddies, Felted friends, and Christmas Mousie making for me and anything else I can find time to make......Bang goes the 1/2 hr nap time around midnight eh?


Julia Dunnit said...

It's a Singer, Wipso! Had it about 12 years, it replaced my Grandma's little black electric Dinger in a box...but it's not as good! That mac alteration is amazing; do you ever get a job that you put off because you can't face it? Oh and good luck for Friday. To quote a mouse - 'eeek'!

Chrissie said...

Wow, those alterations are SO impressive. I don't think that folks realise just how much work is involved in altering stuff. It's twice the job of making in the first place, as you have to undo things first.
Bravo you!

Twiglet said...

Call in the reserves if you want help with crafty stuff. That mac looks brill. Word verification - syingr - no mine is a Huskvarna!!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Oh yes I can imagine what a job that coat was! I hate putting zips in jeans, there are soooo many rows of stitching to unpick first and those little bits that are like satin stitch are a 'mare to unpick! You are going to be busy sorting that little lot out for Friday, good luck :)
Anne x

Linda Elbourne said...

Good Luck for Friday ... I have a Janome machine just for cards ... got it about years ago and still have n't managed to thread it *LOL*

NormaJean said...

Hi I just love the mousie's they are soooo cute.. i need to get my machine out I want to make some baby blankets..
Hugs norma

Susie Sugar said...

Oh that huge box of mice looks fantastic darling how sweet and what patience you have to make them all
Hugs Susie xx

Kaz said...

I hope you will be paid well for all that extra work on the jacket.
That box of mice reminds me of those stone Chinese soldiers!!
Good luck for Friday xxx

Nikki said...

I think with alterations you have to have to be so patience it looks fantastic

Sam said...

oh those little mice are so cute!! They need to be let out of the box to play!! ;-)

Blue bird said...

Hi Wipso! You are so kind always to find time to make comments on my not always such a good blogs!
I did not know you make such things as alterations? You should know what they charge for that if they want to do it all!
You will not believe that on the Supermarket I found a SINGER invention: don't saw anymore! There is a little tube with glue in it and Lo and Behold I bought it and glued my pants to make it shorter! Wow! Now what do you say?
I'll make a photo for you to show! Blue Bird :-)

Blue bird said...

This is Blue Bird again.
I was wondering why don't I comment for Wipso?
OK. Here is why:There is the first possibility but that is open for invited guests only. Well I did not go any further at that time and i was not invited and so did not say anything. But now I found the place where I can come in ( thank you very much) and also looked the mouse collection and was just amazed what are you able to do and the Energy you got! Truly you are blessed. Thank you for sharing. :-)

SueH said...

I’m good at unpicking stuff…….well that’s all I ever seem to do when I try and use my machine, which is why it’s not seen the light of day for well over a year.

I really love all those little mice and the beautiful stitched cards…….where ever do you find the time?