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Monday, 13 July 2009

To flow or not to flow, that is the question...

We had a card at the beginning of last week to say we would not have a water supply on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so each morning I religiously filled buckets [to flush toilets] and bottles and jugs for kitchen use. Wednesday came and went uneventful so did Thursday and Friday. Our water kept flowing and then on Friday we had yet another card to say it would be Monday and Tuesday this week. As I sit here typing I can see the work men preparing the road outside our house for traffic lights [watching the lights change is about as exciting as my day gets hehehehe]. There are several men walking up and down the road in their yellow jackets and hard hats....do you imagine it just might get done today? I have no doubt there will be a hole dug for one or two to stand looking into at some point.


Twiglet said...

Hope you have filled the kettle - I will be down for a coffee later!!!

mountainear said...

Well, it's Tuesday now - is it safe to drive through the village without being held up by the only traffic lights between Shrewsbury and Craven Arms?

Wipso said...

The day started off with a huge fountain of water somewhere by our gate [have no idea what they had done down there!]. The cars had to drive through it for at least half hour...that is when the traffic lights allowed them as they appear to be on a go slow. Really hope it will all be sorted and finished very soon cos it's a real nuisance for the sewing queues.

Friko said...

Bet it's still not finished and today is Thursday.
Has the whole got any bigger yet?

I was without water twice recently for a day or more, because 2 taps, one after the other, failed and couldn't be turned off at all. And no, it wasn't just the washers!
Buckets and pots and pans standing around are a nuisance and not even much good except for tooth brush mug water or the kettle. Nasty.