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Monday, 6 July 2009

Weekend to chill and recharge batteries

It was a busy week last week with soaring temperatures so what I needed was some chill out time over the weekend.

Saturday morning we rose early so I could pop into our local town to find a walk-in hairdresser to lessen my thatch. I am back to being short and spiky now so feeling cooler and refreshed to start my week. I already have sewing on my rail to start me off and still have to finish the alterations on a wedding dress. It's Monday so it's the day of the week I spend with Twiglet [my MUCH older sister :-) ]. She comes down to help me out on a Monday [and any other day we can slip in]. Life is for living and we are lucky enough to really enjoy each other's company. Our days are full of fun and laughter. If I have curtains to shorten/make she does the groveling on the floor to measure and cut them for me as my replacement knee doesn't allow me to kneel down. She is truly a treasure and over the years I know life wouldn't have been anywhere as good without her in it. We are truly blessed.

Sunday was our day for buying a new shiny wheelbarrow...yes, it's exciting times here in the village :-) We loaned our old one to our eldest daughter and her partner to build their new extension and they still have lots to do to tidy up the building site/garden so we have said they can keep it. It's very special watching the younger generation building a beautiful home together so that is a small price to pay.
We grabbed a quick Sunday lunch and then pulled up our chairs and put our feet up to watch the tennis. Wow! what a game. They certainly had to work for their achievements. I was exhausted just watching them.

Right, it's time to get moving now. Trousers to shorten, zips to replace and anything else that floods in through the door. Chat later x


Twiglet said...

Oh bless you - thanks. It works both ways and I enjoy every minute of your company too but if I stay here commenting I shal be late getting to "Sewing by Annie" and you know how fierce SHE can be!!!!!!

Twiglet said...

Hey Wipso! love the little avatar!!!

Friko said...

How does Twiglet feel about being the MUCH older sister?

Apart from the wheelbarrow loaning business our Sunday was much the same as yours, Tennis on the telly.

How did you cope with the heat the week before?