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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

840 customers and they still keep coming...

It's been a week since I blogged and the reason is because I've been under the biggest sewing pile ever. I've had everything from chair seat cushions to make zipped covers for to a huge [and I mean HUGE!] waterproof canopy cover for an outside swinging seat [and that is one job I'm not keen to repeat 'cos it filled the space I have in my sewing room and was very tricky to get it's dimensions right]. It had to have tubes of fabric made for the side poles to slide into and other Velcro'd tubes to hold it at each end plus a 6" skirt all round to help keep the drips off the seat below [and one thing is for certain with all the rain we are getting it's gonna be well used this year!]....yes it's been a nightmare to design. As well as those I've had the usual steady flow of trousers to shorten, Gents trousers to let out because they have shrunk in the wash! [middle age spread really but we have to humour them don't we :-)], Posh frocks to tweak, Oh! and the occasional bride and bridesmaid of course.
I must be one of the luckiest people in the world to actually really love the job I do and my "I can do" attitude means I take on all sorts of jobs and enjoy the challenge every day brings me. I have met so many lovely people here and made lots of new friends just from my job. [I think you were one of my first Mountanear :-) .....and of course one of my best!] I'm blessed.


Twiglet said...

Don't worry - I will always come to rescue you from beneath that mammoth sewing pile!!!