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Friday, 10 July 2009

Long distant sewing services

The norm is that I get 2-3 new customers every week with my sewing business. It has blown my mind at the amount that search me out for my services but yesterday was exceptional :-) I had a customer come to my door to have a new zip put in her trousers [nothing new there I hear you say]. She was a lady who originated in Northern Ireland but the tan and dialect said she hadn't lived there for a while. Actually her zip had broken whilst working out in South Africa and she decided to bring it to me to replace it!! She is only visiting her daughter over here during her summer holiday, as she does every year, and although she could have had it done in Africa she had brought it here by choice. What a long way to come to have a zip replaced :-)


Twiglet said...

Fantastic - so you are now a global company!! love your airline - please can I be a stewardess - I fancy wearing a uniform!

mountainear said...

...and I come all the way from Wales!

snailbeachshepherdess said...

...and were two of mine in your sum total of '35 little darlings'??
About time you really went international and swanned into purple coo I reckon!!

Calico Kate said...

Oh loved this one - perhaps you should start doing global mail order repairs!