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Friday, 16 June 2017

This week's smiles....week 225

Hello all.  Here we are at the end of another week of sad tragedies on the news.  My heart goes out to all affected with the fire in the tower block in London....it's my worse nightmare.  So much thanks must go to all who went above and beyond to save lives and help those who have now been left with nothing.

I am determined, with the help of others, to focus on a few smiles and would like to thank all that link up each week to help to make the world a happier place to live.....so here goes.

I have many smiles I can share with you so hope you find something here to make you smile....

Milly is sitting on the table between our linked chairs as if she owns it.....what a beautiful little dog she is now.  She's such a character and never fails to make me smile.........

This is her 'little brown dog' toy.  As you know it's her favourite.  It has more repairs than parts now but I just can't throw it out cos she carries it everywhere with her. It has only one eye, no ears, no tail and seems to morph every time it gets repaired.
Having spent the weekend pulling, dropping, bashing and burning the toys I make to safety test them it made us chuckle to be presented with this.....It was as if she was saying...
"Ive tested mine mum but it failed!"

Here's the first picking of our strawberries.....they smelt wonderful and tasted even better.
We have picked lots more and still have more ripening.

Amy and Dave took their three to the Welsh coast at the weekend and sent us this pic.  I just love it.  It's what children should be doing....don't you agree?


The twins have been practising for the egg and spoon races at school....don't you just love them?

They sent me a video but our Internet is so poor here it wont let me share it with you sorry.

And finally for those that like to see my flowers....here's a few of the latest plants to bloom and make me smile.  Our garden is full of natures treasures and I just love watching all the changing colours.

Thank you for calling in.  Please leave me a little message before you leave and if you can then link to your own smiles below.  I love seeing what make you all smile each week.
Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You had a LOT to smile about this week. I was just visiting Angela's blog and saw her strawberries. They must all be ripe at the same time. Your flowers are out of this world. They are incredible. I have practically none, so I am in awe of yours.

Milly is looking cute as ever, and I think I'll name her Inspector 13. Looks like she did a great job on that dog. I think it's wise you do all that testing on those toys you are making, because that will add credence to your claims of safety. But I hope no child ever gets hold of matches to burn one of those blocks. Had to laugh at that test!

It seems every time I visit, the twins have grown even more. They are so grown up looking. And Amy and Dave's oldest has really gotten mature. Those "wellies" (not sure if that's how you spell them, because we call them rubber galoshes in the states) are so adorable.

Have a great Friday and weekend, too.

Lisca Meijer said...

Yes, I read about the fire in London. How awful. Those poor people! It was social housing by the sounds of it, and now they have lost everything. Some of them their lives. So sad.
You have so many smiles today! Where to start....
The flowers in your garden are wonderful. The Little bush (is it a variegated Hebe?) is also flowering. So pretty.
The twins look so dedicated in their school uniform practicing for the egg & Spoon race. Bless em!
And the other children on the beach having fun is a big smile too.
Your strawberries look yummy. Home grown strawberries always taste much better tan supermarket ones don't you think? Just the smell is enough to make my mouth wáter.
Good ol' Milly and her toy. I suppose you have to keep on repairing it. She is a 'case'.
Have a lovely week with lots of smiles,

Ashley H said...

Your flowers are lovely! I so enjoy seeing everyone's flowers this time of year.

My dog has the same issue with stuffed toys - test and fail. They never last long around here!

May said...

Your little dog is so sweet... just like those gorgeous Grandchildren... Love strawberries enjoy your home grown produce you can't beat it!! Have a happy week ahead May #29

Angela Radford said...

Hi Annie, I know I'm late checking in today. No excuses really, came back from Gym and went straight out into the garden and forgot. On top off that I've been distracted by the awful news and a cold though that's nothing in comparison to what these poor people are having to suffer. However, Milly's toy made me smile. Stan's not so bothered but Maisie has always enjoyed dismantling her soft toys, I keep sewing them up. Big dog (so called because he was bigger than Maisie when she arrived) is still suffering two open wounds requiring stitches. The children look as though they are thriving. I never taught children so young but I can tell you I don't regret even one moment spent in that job. Seeing children grow and develop is a true pleasure, it may have it's moments but there were more good than bad. Take care and have a great weekend. Angela xXx

Neet said...

Yes, Milly is beautiful, and such a character too. I love how she joined in with the testing of your products. Perfect!
Cannot believe how your grandees are growing, all of them seem to be shooting up in height. What lovely children they all are. You must be so proud of them.
Yes, it has been heartbreaking to see the reports of the fire in London. Following on from the Manchester bombing then the London terrorist attack and now this; it seems as if we are just waiting for another and another terrible thing to happen. I pray we can live in peace some day.
Thanks for your smiles, your grandees and Milly certainly bring a smile to my face.
Hugs, Neet xx

mamapez5 said...

It has been a very sad week Annie, but I am glad we have all found something to smile about all the same.
Millie is a lovely little dog, and she looks so comfortable around the house. Her little brown dog has certainly seen better days, but it is lovely that she still plays with it. Neither of my dogs have ever shown any interest in toys, perhaps because they have always has each other.
It is lovely to see the children just 'being children'. All that empty beach to run out. It must have been wonderful for them. And seeing the twins growing up, always make me smile.
Have a happy week. Kate x

mamapez5 said...

I forgot to say how beautiful all your flowers are. Your garden must be very like my one in UK was. I had all of these too. The strawberries look yummy. Their season has just finished over here, and now we have cherries and nectarines instead. Kate x

Twiglet said...

So good to see so many things to make us smile - it just makes my face hurt!! xx

Lynn Holland said...

Back from a week at my sister's in Witney oxford and I'm having a quick catch up and so glad I have.
Hello Milly you are looking particularly gorgeous today and I'm chuckling about the health and safety testing on your special toy. How many times have I seen that haha. In fact I still have Bobby's old teddy that got passed on to Kikki. It sits with the other bears in our bedroom now.
Sad to say there were a lot of tears yesterday when Harvey the Labrador left us. We've known him for 15 years along with his brother Elliot who died last year.
Precious times Annie and the pics of the grandchildren are always a reason to be cheerful
Much love
Lynn xx