Friday 16 October 2015

This week's smiles....week 141

Here we are once again at my Friday catch up of smiles.  Please feel free to enjoy everyone elses smiles by clicking on the links below but also please try to join in when you're able by linking your own smiles to Mr Linky.  It's such good therapy to smile and sharing what makes others smile too does us all good I'm sure so a huge thank you to those that join in the fun each week....please keep up the good work folks.

This week I'm featuring Lynn's post with a photo of Sir Tom Jones in it....firstly because at first glance I thought it was Lynn that he was kissing and secondly because he once bought my hubby a pint in a pub in Wales....that my hubby's claim to fame [what we don't tell everyone is that he actually bought everyone in the bar at the time a pint too :-) ].  Thanks for making me smile Lynn.

My smiles for this week are of something that wouldn't make everyone smile but it really had me grinning from ear to ear....

Yesterday my builders put up dust sheets and sealed two doors up to help stop the mess going further than necessary and they knocked out the window and wall through into the new extension  :-)
The size of the room that resulted was much bigger than I'd imagined and I love it....mess, dust and all.

From the outside it looks like this...and that had me chuckling too cos that certainly wasn't how I'd imagined it :-)  The hole where the french doors and side windows will go has had to be boarded up until the doors are made so instead of beautiful white UPVC it looks like this. :-)....and inside is like the black hole of Calcutta :-) :-)

I'm not sure you can see this photo clearly but my builder has a good sense of humour and he's written Annie's Sewing room on the make do door in pencil  :-)

I did reassure him that there won't be any sewing done in my new kitchen and in fact probably rather less of anything done in there than there will be in my new sewing room.  :-)

I hope my pics have made you smile today and you will leave me a little hello comment to say you've called by even if you aren't able to link your own smiles this week.
Annie x


Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie....happy Friday Smiles. OOOOH your building work is progressing soooo well and what thoughtful builders - there's always a lot of mess and dust but we can bear with it for a while when we know the final result is not far away. I have a way to go yet but with builders and electricians visiting today for quoting there is slow progress. Have a wonderful week hugs Robyn. Had a chuckle at the builders door artwork!!

Lisca said...

There is progress! It's going to be fine. I'm glad you can smile through the mess.
I remember we had to wait ages too for the windows to be made. We have arch shaped windows with patio doors in the middle. Now that they're in, it looks spectacular. Yours will too soon.
Thanks for the link to Lynne's blog. I seem to have missed that one last week. I love vintage clothes.
Have a good week,

Twiglet said...

He he - that's fab - it looks very er homely!! x Jo

Stitching Lady said...

Love humorous craftsmen - it is easier to stand the mess. This writes the Stitching Lady whose husband is constanty messing around with his tools in a "house in renovation".

CraftygasheadZo said...

Oh wow it'll be fantastic. Love your builder's humour too. Well you got me back for the 2nd time. In fact I've written this into my blog planning notebook so that I can try and join in most weeks now!! I've chosen something a little different for my smiles but hope you all smile too when you read it!! Take care Zo xx

Barb said...

Hi Annie,Well things are looking good and it won't be too long now. Yes I can see what the builder wrote. It's good to have people working around your home who are easy to get on with. He's got a sense of humour alright.

I did smile at the photo of your door it looks as if it could belong to a fairy in the woods. Have a lovely week. Barbxx

JoZart Designs said...

It looks like an old shack on the prairie but I can imaging that it will be great and far from that when finished. All good for Christmas, no doubt! That's the kind of muck and mess I love as it will all go away soon!
Love Jo x

Sue Jones said...

OO Annie - French doors how fab!! I LOVE french doors and wish i had some in my craft room as it backs onto the garden. Everythging is coming along nicely XX

Hettie said...

Yeah!!! It is moving on really well Annie. No wonder you are beaming!!
Very funny of the builder!!
Sorry I am late commenting. I was on a First Aid course all day and had to link using my mobile!!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, I bet you can hardly wait for the room to be finished.
I'm late today as I have been gardening most of the day and then getting ready for a workshop tomorrow but I'm here now. Have a great weekend, Angela x

Lynn Holland said...

I'm late doing the rounds Annie, I've popped over from woyww to see how the building work is going.
What a lovely surprise to see Sir Tom getting a mention. So glad he made you smile. The randy old bugger haha xx