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Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Hi folks.  There's not a lot going on on my desk today see...

There is my next top all ready for sewing waiting but it's been cut out and ready for weeks and as yet I've not even done the pin tucks.

But I do have something else to share with you.  

Look who drove up to meet Jo and I on Monday....it's our very own Sam [Hetticraft].  I feel like I've known her for years but until Monday we had never met in real life......It's yet another friendship made because of our wonderful WOYWW and she's just as lovely as I imagined.  We chatted, ate cake, visited our local fabric shop, chatted, lunched, ate more cake, chatted, drank coffee/tea ....oh and did I mention ate cake? [thanks for making such yummy cakes Jo].  Our time flew by so quickly but we parted with the promise we will do it again....as soon as...

Thanks for coming Sam xxxx

Of course with Sam comes Fergus and as you can see he made himself at home reading the latest book Jo had made for little Ben while us ladies chatted....and ate cake!

The only other thing I've got to share with you is the latest before pic of the end of my new sewing room [in the making].  The doors on the right and left of this pic will eventually be blocked up but, this week, we hope to have a builder coming to put in a new door and two new windows in the end wall.....keep everything crossed for us please and I will try to keep you up to date with developments.  :-)

Thanks for calling by.  Please leave me a little hello message to let me know you've called by and I will pay you a return visit as soon as I can.

Annie x


Helen said...

How lovely that you got to meet Sam (and Fergus!) and have such a great time... Your sewing room is going to be fabulous,hope the work goes without a hitch! Helen 3

Neet said...

It's such hard work when building work is going on, dust everywhere that lifts and settles all the time but what a fantastic room - it will all be worth it. Bet you are not bothered about the upheaval (if there is any) when you can see how this is taking shape for you.
Fab that you could meet up with Hettie - but all that cake!
Hugs, Neet 10 xx

Judys Fabrications said...

Sam looves as lovely as she seems thru her blog.Shuddering at the building work.We have monr bathroom updates to do.Sommething keeps cropping up to stop us!

Lynn Holland said...

I had blog friends come from Cardiff and Scotland to stay this year and in my post today you will see we stayed with more blog friends this time in Telford. Isn't it wonderful this tinternet stuff xxx

Bridget Larsen said...

I would love to meetup with a fellow WOYWW but we all live so far away here. (hello Jo). I cant wait to see the renovations to our sewing room.
Bridget #1

Anne said...

Hello Annie how wonderful you met a fellow woywwer! Such fun! Did you say you had cake! :-) Fingers crossed for your building. Annex @22

Twiglet said...

Lovely pics!! Yes it was lovely to meet Sam and Fergus too! x Jo

lisa said...

A little birdy told me Sam had been to visit you both. Sounds like you all had a lovely time. I can't believe you didn't at any cake though, lol!!!!!
Hugs Lisax #23

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lol, that Hettie...she's a minx :-). How lovely that you met up...it's great because we're all friends on the net, it means jabbering away cos we really HAVE known each other for ages.
I'm really looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks time too...but I'm going to refrain from the cake (sorry!) as I'm on a diet big time!!!
Hugs, LLJ 9 xxx

Peg Robinson said...

Wonderful you got to meet in person. The room will be awesome. Have a great week. Peg R 26

JoZart Quilts said...

How lovely to meet up with Sam (lovely pic!) and you had cake (especially for my last week's birthday I guess) and didn't save me a slice (but then I was in York).
Thanks so much for my vote.... not much chance I'll win it as most people I know don't do social media so it's good to get some votes and not be a "Billy no mates"!
Your sewing room will be fantastic and it's good to get the mess out of the way in Summer.
Lots of love Jo x

glendabrooks.blogspot.com said...

How nice that you got to meet a fellow WOYWWer! Can't wait to see the new addition to your craft room! Glenda #29

AnyOldCraft said...

What a lovely meeting, so nice to meet people you speak to. :) #27

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie happy WOYWW....wow fabulous you got to meet up with Hettie (must remember to call her Sam from now on)...such fun and lovely when you hit it off. Exciting too that building is happening at your place...looking forward to seeing the progress. Have a super week and maybe find some time to finish your top.RobynO#18, thanks for visiting

sandra de said...

Ohhh.. I had such a giggle over your nose comment. The rose pear will always be known as "the nose pear". How lovely to catch up with woyww friends. I had a quick catch up with RosA today :)
Have a lovely day and yes we are so blessed.
sandra de @24

Lisca Meijer said...

What a lovely newsy post! Isn't it great when you can finally meet up with a blog friend. And what a fab photo of Sam/Hettie. I wish I could meet some of you.... as you know, I live in Spain and anyone is welcome!
Oh and I recognized the dinosaur books from the blogpost!
Your sewing room is coming on nicely. How exciting! Not long now by the looks of it.
Thanks for visiting already,
Have a good week,

sue jones said...

What a lovely week you have had :) Looking forward to seeing your sewing room complete - verey exciting :)
Soojay 16#

Hettie said...

Oh Annie! You make it sound like we ate tonnes of cake!! We weren't that bad, but they were rather scrummy! Must ask Jo for the cappacino cake recipe!
It was a great day and one that makes me smile so much. Despite it being our first meet up I felt as if we had been meeting for years! No awkwardness at all! Yeay!!
Fergus enjoyed it too so much.
Hope your builder does not hang round too long before he gets started.
#51 - too close for comfort!!

Sharon Madson said...

So exciting for you to be able to meet Sam. What fun to be able to have a cup of tea and visit. Can't wait to see your finished room! Happy WOYWW! #41

voodoo vixen said...

Oh how lovely for you to have a meet up with Sam and enjoy Jo's abundance of cake! LOL Your building work is coming along, it will all come together and be so lovely when its done... will be worth the upheaval and the dust and dirt.... I kept telling myself that but occasionally forgot! LOL

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I read about the meetup on Friday, and was glad to see it happened. So good the three of you could get together and enjoy the day (and CAKE!). Guess I should have included Fergus, but he is probably busy eating cake.

I thought I'd find time to visit on Friday, but I'm slammed, so won't be able to join in. I'll stop by to see the latest smile, though. Can't wait to see the next installation updates.