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Friday, 19 June 2015

This week's smiles....week 124

There were rather more of you joining in last week....it's so lovely to think you all had smiles you wanted to share....keep it up folks :-)  Thanks to you all for linking up.

I am featuring Elizabeth's post....The Altered Book Lover.  Her description of the cats racing around the house really made me chuckle and her knowledge of her herbs and what to do with them really made me smile....and for those that don't read the comments of others here's what she left for me...

The rosemary is to season sweet potatoes, corn, and zucchini. The dill is for dill butter, baking (white) potatoes, potato salad, cottage cheese, eggs, and just about everything. The sweet basil is for pesto, eggs, and tomatoes. I also hope to make a lemon sorbet this summer. I also like sweet basil on top of mozzarella. Thai basil is for Thai food. Cilantro is for anything Mexican, and also for eggs, soups, and salads. Both mints are for tea, garnishes for summer fruits, watermelon, etc. I add spearmint to carrots and chocolate mint to my spaghetti sauce. Thyme is for veggies, both fresh and frozen. Of course, I like to pair it with other herbs because it goes well with oregano, parsley, and sage. Parsley is best for cleaning my palette. I like to chew on it between dishes and after a meal. It's also good for cooking with veggies.

Oh how I wish I knew how to use more herbs....I've got the book, just not got the time to read it :-)  Thanks for sharing it all Elizabeth.

I have a few pics of what is making me smile this week to share with you....

Amy's three have been enjoying the lovely weather in their field with their dog [hasn't Poppy the puppy grown!] and sent me a thumbs up pic to make me smile.  :-)

The two girls have just received their latest swimming certificate and are proudly showing them off.....they have taken to the water like little fish and have gained lots of confidence now. :-)

This pic came with the caption....

" Can I wear these shoes to town Mummy....they match my dress!!".

What a young lady she looks now don't you think?  :-)

My life is so full of smiles...I am blessed and I really hope my pics make you smile too.  Please link up your smiles below and lets all try to make the world a happier place to be.

Annie x


Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie and happy Friday. I love reading Elizabeth run down on her herbs, great expectations here, but then I forget to use them. Your grandies are just the cutest lot, it's such a precious time and I do love seeing the antics they get up to - dress up so much fun, especially in mums shoes. Well done with the swimming too. Hugs and enjoy your weekend Robyn

Judys Fabrications said...

Your little granddaughters are precious. LOVE those shoes!Kids love to dress up.When I was teaching there were always mums whose children did Callisthenics, and donated their costumes to me for the class to use.Our dress-up box was wonderful!
have a happy weekend.

Twiglet said...

Fab pics of those beautiful great nieces and nephew. x

Laura said...

Oh Lexi is a star in the making! x

Anne said...

Hello Annie - it's been a while since I was here. I am catching up with what has kept me busy during last few weeks. These photos and memories made me smile. Love the photos of your precious grandchildren. Anne x

Anne said...

Hello Annie - it's been a while since I was here. I am catching up with what has kept me busy during last few weeks. These photos and memories made me smile. Love the photos of your precious grandchildren. Anne x

JoZart Quilts said...

Such cuties! Those shoes are fab and tell her Mummy to watch out she'll soon grown into them.
Sorry I couldn't join in this week as I've never been home to get anything done. Trip away to York then a day out to the Gresford show.
Have a good weekend, love jo x

Hettie said...

Happy Friday to you Annie. Great photos.
Gosh isn't Elizabeth well versed in her use of herbs!!
My favourite use for mint is my mojitos!! Chin Chin!! (don't tell anyone but I have one on the go right now!)
Hugs and see you Monday.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Thanks for featuring my blog this week, even though I was unable to play. I've been on the go and unable to get anything going, except required art, which is taking its toll.

Love the grandees and their "Wellies?" Hope I used the word correctly, coming from across the pond and all (grin). Poppy looks like a grown dog now, and I suspect is as big as the kids.

How awesome that both girls have their certificates for swimming. You can never start too early in my opinion. After all, I was a Water Safety Instructor all during my summer high school years. Never had to save anyone when I was on duty, but I could have if they were in distress. I STILL love to swim. So glad to see those girls are taking to the water so easily and well.

Lexi made me laugh. She's so fun and funny to watch. Speaking of growing, I can't believe how much she (and probably Sam) has/have grown.

Have a great Friday and weekend. I truly hope to join in next week, even though I won't be around for WOYWW next Wednesday.

Lynn Holland said...

A vintage girl in the making heehee xx

mamapez5 said...

Lucky children to have a field to run and play in with the pup. I saw their swimming achievements on Fb. Well done to them. What little girl doesn´t like to wear mummy´s shoes? I have actually got a photo of my son in his daddy´s big uniform boots, so it´s not just little girls either!
If you are going to grow the herbs, it is nice to know how to use them properly. I would grow mint if I could find a space, but other than that I really only use the fresh parsley/corriander that some of the market stall holders will put in your bag for free if you have bought a few items from them. Hugs. Kate x

Twiglet said...

I would link up but can't find Mr linky!