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Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Happy Wednesday to all my wonderful bloggy friends that call by every week to check out what I've been up to.....not an awful lot this week to be honest is the easy answer because I'm a little off colour.  My gorgeous little twinnie munchkins share everything with me......including their bugs :-(

What I have got to show you is...

My darling hubby had to lift our table into the middle of the room this week so I could tackle metres and metres of heavy cotton drill type fabric for a job I've been asked to do this week.

Where is that big sister of mine when she's needed?....answer is she's a little too far away at the mo to be able to call her for help.....but, all being well, she will be a lot closer very very soon        :-) :-) :-) :-)

This what I had to make.....a zipped and shaped chair pad cushion cover.  But of course it wasn't just one I had to make......

I had to make 6 cushion covers all with matching striped pattern....ta da.  Here they are all done and phew it took every little bit of my energy to make them.

The other thing I'm sharing with you this week is a mystery.  As you know we have garden treasures popping up in every corner of our new garden.  Most I can identify even if we have to wait to see what colour the blooms will be but these are really a mystery.  The leaves are too wide for daffodils and the wrong shape for tulips etc.  They are already about 8" plus in height and still growing and so far there are no signs of blooms coming.

Do any of you have any ideas as to what they can be?  We will be watching their growth with interest and if blooms emerge I promise to share their developments with you.

Thanks for dropping by this week. Please leave me a little message and I will pop over to yours to say hello.
Annie x


Helen said...

I'm not enough of a gardener to identify plants from their leaves.. will be interesting to find out what they are! Great cushion covers, well done handling all that fabric! Have a great week. Helen 11

Twiglet said...

Mammoth job done there Annie - no wonder you are tired! x Jo

Lynn Holland said...

Don't know what you're I've got popping up there Annie but then again my garden is full of stuff that I've planted and forgotten to label. Id love to have a proper interest in the garden but I'm easily distracted withnother things.
I think I'm a jack of all trades, master of none.
Keep well Annie
Lynn xx forgot my number

kilnfiredart said...

Great job making those cushions. I thought your plant was lily of the valley but now I don't think it is. I love new garden surprises.
Jill #37

Lunch Lady Jan said...

There's so many bugs doing the rounds at the moment....sorry to hear you've been poorly, I hope you're starting to pick up a little now.
Those seat pads are fab! Fantastic pattern matching there, Missus :-). Funnily enough, that's something I'll have to do in a few weeks time. We've got some new patio furniture arriving and I'm going to make the seat pads with that floral fabric I got a while back. Any tips?!
And I have no idea as yet what the mystery plants are, obviously summer flowering something's.....show is another pic in a couple of weeks time!
Hugs, LLJ 31 xx

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie, thanks for visiting. I to know about the baby bugs - Sophie shared her's last time we were up there...would be great if she had a nanna nearer so she didn't have to go to child care. You've done a super job with those cushion covers, I usually end up with fabric layouts on the floor. Hope you're feeling better soon, Cheers RobynO#24

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Glad your "fabric" undertaking is done, it turned out well. As for your spreading flowers...ours are not out yet but could be Lilly's of the Valley?Almost too thin of leave I think. Guess time will tell. Keep us posted. Have a fun week.

jill said...

I'm gong with Lilly of the Valley as well as a guess. Happy woyww Jill #27

glitterandglue said...

Morning Annie. Thanks for already visiting and leaving a comment. Great job with the cushion covers - fabric all over the place is de rigeur in our home too!!!
Those leaves... well, too wide for daffodils, not the right shape for tulips - somehow they seem too tall for lily of the valley. Could be crocosmia, I suppose - although it's a bit early for that popping up... It's not a hemerocallis, is it? A day lily? Mine are up about like that at the moment, and will give a fantastic display later in the summer.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #3

Pearly Queen said...

Something in the Hyacinth family?


Lisca Meijer said...

Hi Anne, great job you've done there with the cushion covers.
As for the mystery plant? I was guessing Lily of the Valley too, but I'm no expert so we'll just have to wait and see. How exciting!
Thanks for visiting earlier,
Have a great week,

Cardarian said...

Sorry to hear you have a bad cough - I hope you get better soon! Thank you for offering to help me with the sewing - I am a bit worried as I haven't done it for so many years. I can't say what those flowers are but it is nice to have surprise so just wait and see!
Lots of hugs

Christals Creations said...

Great job on the chairs. My children often share their bugs. Yuck!

famfa said...

I'm thinking they look a bit like a Hyacinth.

Hope you are feeling better soon. Your cushions look perfect.
Famfa 57

Neet said...

Oh Annie, it's no good asking me about flowers coming up in a garden, I can just about identify 75% of what is in ours. Mind you I do know dandelion leaves are not like Papaver ones! Sadly Chas did not and he dug my lovely big Poppies up one time. Luckily I rescued them in time.
Can just imagine how heavy that fabric was. Hope you are feeling better.
Hugs, Neet 30 xx

Angela Radford said...

Hi Annie, hope you're feeling better. I can just about tell the difference between a plant and a weed but don't always get that right. Hope you have a great week and happy woyww, Angela x 28

pearshapedcrafting said...

Sorry to hear about the bug! Little ones are so good at sharing the things you don't want to share!!! Your cushion covers look great! I loved finding new plants when we first got our caravan but these?…I would say definitely not Lily of the Valley, maybe bluebells although ours aren't as tall as that yet, nothing else I can compare them with - looking forward to finding out! I bet you will have a few more surprises too! Keep warm! Chrisx 47

Karen said...

Wonder what those flowers are!? No matter what they are they're lovely!!!! Happy WOYWW!! Karen x #70

peggy aplSEEDS said...

I hope you are feeling better, Annie! Your chair cushions look great! I wonder if anyone will be able to solve the mystery! Happy WOYWW!

Mrs.D said...

Morning Annie, I love your poppy tool storage from last week and this weeks cushions look beautifully made.
Sorry can't help about the plants, but there are plenty of them there.
A very late thanks for your visit to my page last week, just didn't get round to getting back to anyone,
Chris (ND)

CraftyHope said...

Wow, you did a wonderful job with those cushion covers. They look spot-on exact replicas of each other! As for your garden. . .I'm definitely not the one to ask. Sorry. Feel better soon.

Bridget Larsen said...

Those cushions look great and you have cut them all straight and the stripes all match, I am inpressed. I have no idea what that plant is,please let us know what it is
Bridget #1