Friday, 14 November 2014

This week's smiles....week 93

Hi folks.  Thanks so much to each and every one of you who joined in last week.  I'm featuring two little ones snapped on Elizabeth's blog from last week. What a cute Minnie Mouse and Little Mermaid they made.  Thanks for sharing your smiles Elizabeth

It's been another eventful week for me and another one full of things to smile about.
  • Big sister Jo's [Twiglet] surgery eventually went well last week and she was allowed home at the weekend.  She would really like rather more 'get up and go' than she's got but she is making a good recovery and she has to be patient, listen to her body and allow it to heal.
  • We [my darling hubby and I] had a wonderful couple of wonderful days away in London at the weekend.  We went to see the poppies at the Tower of London [pics below] and while down there we also went to see Matilda at the theatre [an amazing show with some really talented children performing].
  • Our eldest daughter has now recovered from her surgery and managed to go back to work on Wednesday so I managed some fun time with the twinnie munchkins.....that is until Sam decided to be very sick all over the floor!.....he's bounced back since thankfully.
So here's a few snaps of what's made me smile this week...

Sam and Lexi really love building with the K'nex and are learning their shapes this week.

Sam made this and said..."Look Nanny it's a rectangle just like the telly"

Here's Lexi with her circle, square and triangle. :-)

We then had a fun art session :-)

This is Lexi's butterfly and

...her duck.....obviously a rare long legged breed :-)

And this is Sam's drawing of his sister, Lexi.

I just love watching how they are developing and seeing their enjoyment with their drawings.

So there you are.  That's just a few of the things that have been making me smile this week.  Please snap and share yours with us by linking them below.

Annie x


Helen said...

sounds like a fun week all round, apart from Sam's throwing up! Love the art session!

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie, you've had a lovely week there, with everyone on the mend, unfortunately for you - Sam's upset tummy, hope it wasn't on the carpet. I love seeing the pics of the twins and their activities - they are so precious, I just want to be there for Sophie too. Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend Robyn

Anne said...

A lovely week for you Annie. Grandchildren are such fun !! Glad Jo is recovering - even slowly. Also pleased your daughter getting back to normal. Anne x

fairy thoughts said...

Ha ha as you say eventful... But honestly i don't know about you but when isn't it. Sometimes it just overtakes me this weekend is no exception oh well at least it's not boring. Have a good one and glad to hear Jo is getting on as expected
Janet ....

Laura said...

Love the duck drawing - I might have guessed flamingo at first but she's right, a second look confirmed it is indeed a duck :)
Hope you have lots of smiles over the weekend x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, you really did have much to smile about this week. Glad Jo is home and on the mend and that your daughter is well enough to return to work. The pics of the munchkins are as heartwarming as ever - love their drawings. Glad you liked the shots of my greats enough to give them a mention. I sometimes wonder what we we do without our children - they light up our life :) Have a happy week full of reasons to smile. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Hettie said...

I want to meet the duck!!
Great that everyone is now better and even the sun is shining today!
Happy Friday indeedie!
PS my scabs are now finally forming with the aid of some seaweed dressings! Hurrah!

Angela Toucan said...

gorgeous drawings, blessings to you all.

mamapez5 said...

K´nex is wonderful stuff and they learn so much without even realising, when they us it.
I am glad the various family members are getting back to health and strength.
Lucky you to have that great trip to London. Hugs Kate x