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Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Hello folks.  I am thankfully feeling rather better this week...both on the house front and the health front.  :-)  Isn't it funny how these things seem to go hand in hand?  For those that missed my Saturday blog post [ below] you might like to know that although we had 10 plus weeks fighting to get our sale completed on the bungalow we were hoping to move to the sale just wasn't to be and fell through.  We are now pushing for a quick sale on another bungalow and the more we think about it the more we know in our hearts that this was meant to be...the other one was causing a lot of heart ache, I'm sure wouldn't have been a happy house to move into and came with an awful lot of work to get it how we would have wanted it.  This one felt like home as we walked through the door  :-)

So folks?  What is on my work desk this week?

I have finished the little hoodie I was knitting.  It has turned out well and I'm really thrilled with it.

I have had little helpers with my crafting this week.....

Whilst Sam finished off his morning nap Lexi helped plan the blanket to be made with my knitted squares  :-)
What a lovely activity it was too....she counted, chose the colours and very carefully placed them all into patterns :-)

Yesterday I, very bravely, got my little munchkins to help me sort my big box of odd balls of knitting wools.  We had lengths of wool from one end of the living room to the other but they had lots of fun finding different colours, helping Nanny wind the balls up and deciding which ones were their favourites  :-)

"Oh Nanny what a lot of wool you've got!!"

So there you go....more about trying to encourage little ones to love crafting than showing you anything I have done creatively this week but it's so good to see them enjoying the colours and textures that yarns come with.  :-)

Thanks for calling by.  If you'd like to leave me a little hello comment I will do my best to call in on your to see what you've been up to this week.
Annie x


Claire said...

Wonderful photos of your lil helpers, esp. the one of her pattern-creating...
Happy WOYWW :)
no. 26

Twiglet said...

I am sure they will enjoy crafting as much as we do!! x Jo

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Children of all ages just love sorting! Lexi has done a great pattern there, she obviously had got her Granny's eye for colour! Actually, when I worked at school ,if I had to calm a child down, I used to get them to sort out a box of buttons I kept in my little room. It was astonishing how quickly the concentration of sorting helped distract away from the tantrum and back into a calmer mood. Should be a program like that for adults too sometimes!!
So glad the house is going well :-)
Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Lexi looks like she has a good eye for colour and pattern. I bet they both have so much fun at Granny's house xx

Fiona #42

Claire said...

Hi Annie, did you want your name putting in the hat for the necklace in this week's giveaway? I'm happy to add it :)x
PS I always send Dad something for Valentines after Mum died in 2000 - he needs to know he's loved :)

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Cute little post...your are so lucky to live so close to your grandkids. What fun they are having. I missed last week, so peeped about and like the new little bungalow !! Hope you can move quickly and get back to the routine. Enjoy the WOYWW visits and happy days a head. #53

Claire said...

It's not cheeky, at all! Both winners so far only drop by very occasionally - you really don't have to be a regular follower, that's why I added it to WOYWW - which I'm not a regular at either... I just want to spread the joy of my birthday to whoever wants it - one-time visitor or 100th-time regular :) x

JoZart said...

They look so sweet sorting your yarn and planning your blanket. Sign of the future?
The button tin was always my DDs best playtime!
Jo x Keep smiling

Ann B said...

Lovely photos of your little helpers Annie and so pretty. Love the cardi, we all need our cardis today. Keep warm and stay safe.
Happy Wednesday
Ann B

Mrs.D said...

Annie, your tale of house sale and purchase is all to common. Sometimes the Lord allows these things to happen, however the new bungalow looks lovely, so I'm sure you will find it is so right when you move in.
Can I borrow those munchkins to sort my wool, they look as if they really enjoyed themselves.
Chris #48

Anne said...

As I said on your previous post Annie I'm so glad that things are improving for you. Gorgeous photos of the children. I love encouraging my grandchildren to craft - they seem to love it as well. The little hoodie is lovely. Happy WOYWW Anne x #78

glitterandglue said...

Oh Annie, how important it is in this manic, go-getting world, to teach our little ones how to be creative, to give and not just to get. I think your little ones will have had a great couple of days with you this week!!
I'm sorry your purchase fell through - but... as you say... this one felt like home as soon as you walked through the door. You just have to now live with packed boxes until the new completion date...
We had that same experience - found a property, fab view etc., start to plan... all fell through and had to find somewhere else. This bungalow is, on reflection, SO much better for us than the previous one...the phrase "God works in a mysterious way..." comes to mind!
Have a special week.
Margaret #74

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I think your helpers are so sweet and I suspect much more helpful than my four-footed whiskered ones. The little hoodie is so sweet. I think that will be a fine patchwork blanket once it gets all pieced together. Lots of fun colors and patterns. Judy #82

Caro said...

I love your gorgeous helpers, but you are very brave to have let them loose with the wool. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#56)

Lisa-Jane said...

Sorry to hear about the bungalow but it did sound like it was fate and the new one is the right one. I've had little people here too this week (in addition to my own I mean!) and it is lovely to see them enjoying crafts. #45

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry I missed Saturday's post, but read it before I came here to read this one. I'm simply THRILLED for you. I know this one will make you happy, especially if you don't have to deal with an eviction. Sorry to read that you have invested so much money in the previous place, but I'm well aware of the frustration you have expended. So glad that is over, at least.

I always enjoy reading about the "twinlets" (grin) because they are adorable and I'm fairly certain your "work desk" is packed and ready to travel. Thanks for visiting me while I slept. Happy WOYWW from #1. I'll see you on Valentine's Day.

fairy thoughts said...

Oh dear annie mixed emotions about the house but I'm sure it will work out for the best in the end. Love your little helpers, you'll have an addict for life like my little erin and the buttons.
have a good week
janet #32

pearshapedcrafting said...

Great little helpers you had there! I remember helping my gran winding wool, my children used to help my mum to sort out her sewing basket and now my grandchildren love to sort buttons or threads and wooltops - simple pleasures -aaah! Thanks for visiting, Chris83

Neet said...

Love your little helpers and what a good job Lexi made of the square choices. I think they are going to be your little helpers in more ways than this when you are ready to move.
Hope it all goes well now - you deserve some luck.
Hugs, Neet 38 (filling in time for CV)

mamapez5 said...

You are doing a wonderful job with those two little ones. I am sure I got a lot of 'hobby-interests' from sorting mum's wool, needles, buttons, etc. There is so much to learn about colours, numbers and patterns while they are having fun, so well done for encouraging them.
Kate x

Carmen said...

It's so wonderful seeing that spark of interest in them isn't it? Logey is the same, already he sits with paper and pencil concentrating so hard on his drawing. makes my heart fit to burst. Not sure Craig is so happy to have another arty crafty one :D

Lovely seeing you this week Annie - thank you for already stopping by x

Carmen x #81

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

The knitted cardigan looks amazing. Congratulations on a job well done. I see you had some wonderful little helpers sorting out your yarn. Love the quote!

As for you coming to help me -- yes please!! tee hee

Thank you for visiting me already.

Kay (86)