Friday, 23 August 2013

This week's smiles......week 32

I've had a fab week and hope you have too.
  • I'm back refreshed after a week away on holiday with my darling hubby
  • Wonderful happy family times have been spent with my grandchildren
  • I had special quality time with my daughter-in-law to be making wedding stationery and planning ahead for their special day
  • I've had sewing challenges and acheived good results
My list could go on and the happy times way outweigh the not so happy....although like everyone else there are always a few of those in my week.

This week I am featuring the post Elizabeth linked to share with us .  I think this could teach us a lot in that we really don't have to go far or spend a lot to have a fun time and I think I would have fitted in very nicely in a Nut house  :-)  ....maybe we should all have a go?

My smiley pics this week are....

Have a feeling Sam is wondering how he is going to weigh down his side of the seesaw with his two cousins on the other end.  :-)

"No mummy I really wont be touching Nanny's bees!"

Just how many stickers can you fit on the faces of twins?

I hope you are smiling now....I know I am  :-)
Thanks for popping over to share my smiles.  Please snap something that's made you smile and link it up below to make the world a happier face.
Annie x


Hettie said...

Haa Haa Haa! Love the piccie of the Twins with the stickers on their faces!
Happy Friday Annie - doing the Bank Holiday Friday Happy Dance right now!

fairy thoughts said...

I remembered this week great pics I think the answer to the question on stickers is lots and lots hehe

Twiglet said...

Love those little ones. What a happy bunch they all are. x Jo

dawn said...

Hello Annie, stopping by from Elizabeth's. I wanted to see what was making you smile this week, so glad I did.
Those twins are so cute, this really made me smile!
Glad to hear you had a week full of good things to remember, it's always nice to have a little vacation too.
Have a wonderful day full of smiles!

Angie said...

That last one is brilliant ...I am smiling as I type....and I love the bee one can see the mistrust of those bees, in her eyes.Glad you had a great week away xx

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Annie
Me again not sure what link you saw but it definitely links to this weeks post smiles 23 but I am having blogger issues so who knows

fairy thoughts said...

Doh that should have said 32 what is wrong with me today

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Those twins are SO adorable, and SO cute. The photo with them and those stickers really made me laugh.
But the one with the bee was incredible. The photography was unbelievable. Being there when a bee was in the picture made me not just smile, but appreciate your photography skills. And such determination on Phoebe's face!

Thanks for featuring my blog post. I actually fell asleep about twenty minutes before I could link up and when I woke, I realized it.

Hope your weekend is filled with even more smiles, too.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

OOPS. That should have read LEXI, not Phoebe. Seems there's more than one airhead today (grin).

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Always fun to see that simple things make them happy. We are all blessed to have these little friends in our lives. Happy SMILES and enjoy the weekend.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, another really happy smiley post with great photos of your grandchildren. And who wouldn't smile at those two wee faces covered in stickers :)) Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend. Elizabeth xx

Spyder said...

They look like they are having so much fun! Sorry I'm sooo late, 'specially when I had photos to share! Well it got too dark to paint...and I thought I heard the phone was daughter, Emma, which made me remember I wanted to post some of her latest photos, hope they make you smile too!


Di said...

Lovely photos Annie - those twins are so funny :)

Hugs, Di xx