Friday 16 August 2013

This week's smiles....week 31

Another week of really fab pics full of smiles being shared and I'd really like to say thank you to all that made the effort to share a little happiness with others.  There seemed to be many appreciating our smiles so please keep up the good really does cheer up our friends.

This week I'm featuring Janet's blog ....Fairy Thoughts.  She had been playing with a new clay product and had made a really gorgeous new friend called Chilly.  He looked just the way I was feeling and certainly made me smile  :-) :-) :-)  Thanks for sharing Janet.

My happy snaps for this week show the joys of a little boy having a couple of older sisters.  There really is never a dull moment with Amy's little family.  They are always crafting and creating, baking, laughing, and playing happily together [most of the time of course...after all they are normal!]  Amy sent me a couple of pics to share with you all.....

Steve loves to dress up and pretend play  :-)   Having fun in the baby bath....or is it a bed now?  :-)

As you can see here he is also very happy to play the roll of the baby for his big sister Phoebe to push round in her dolls push chair.....oh the joys of being the youngest in the family ......I remember it well!!!

Hope my snaps made you smile and you will share the happy things in your life and link them below.  Have a great week.

Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Phoebe looks so grown up pushing her brother around in that stroller. And regardless whether it's a tub or a bed, Steve seems to wear a permanent smile on his cute little face.

BUT, the thing that REALLY made me smile was when you were once again able to work the fact that you are the baby of the family into the conversation.

Happy Friday Smiles, dear Annie.

mamapez5 said...

Hi Annie. lovely photos of your grandchildren again this week. They do have such fun together. I was the baby of our family too, but there were eight of us, and most of the others had grown up and left home before I was born! (Six pre-war and just two of us post-war). But I have a huge extended family and that is great. Love your smiles each week. Kate x

Gill Edwards said...

Hi annie, what a little trooper he is and as for that bag. I want one, NOW!
have a good week

Gill x

Gill Edwards said...

sorry Annie i mixed up your posts, i meant the bag in a previous one. Senior moment time i reckon
Gill x

Angie said...

Oh that baby bath shot made me smile ...what a character. xx

Twiglet said...

He is a real little character isn't he!! Lovely snaps. x Jo

Hettie said...

Tee Hee! Those are great photos there Annie and love the fact that I now know you are the youngest of the family. I never knew that! Yea right! Me too!
Watch Steve and the others don't turn the baby bath into a toboggan like we did!! Haa Haa!

Elizabeth said...

Great pics, Annie, your grandchildren do seem to play well together ... happy times. I was the oldest of five children and I do recall very well how spoiled the youngest, the baby of the family, was :)) Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth xx

Caro said...

What gorgeous photos of them both playing so nicely together. Thanks for the smile! Caro x (#8)

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

Adorable! It's so great that they play well with eachother. I was the oldest of two - I was the one that "stretched things to the limit" and needed a firm hand! tee hee


Julia Dunnit said...

I'm a middle child and you can tell..our youngest is always reminding us about her being the must be a thing!!

akilli melek said...

It's great watching them grow and have fun

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Fun pictures of your little ones. Life with them is so precious. My computer crashed last week so just got this up and running. Enjoy.

Spyder said...

so sorry I missed this this week...last week.... I was so busy walking dogs and other things it just passed by I had a pictures, I thought was very funny so I'm hoping to add that this week!!