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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

WOYWW...with a request

Happy Wednesday everyone.  February??????  What happened to January?  Where is the year going?  Life really does go quicker as you get older doesn't it?  Come on girls we just have to fill each day with something special.

So what have I crammed into my week this week?
  • Shopping for fabric in Hereford on Saturday....more about that later.
  • Family time on Sunday....see previous post
  • Fun time on Monday.....a must in my week  :-)  But this week started off cutting those dreaded curtains that we couldn't do last week....the customer decided to have each curtain just 1 1/2 widths of fabric wide instead of two so this made them possible....still not a great job because the pattern hadn't been printed straight on the fabric....and this is pretty important when you have to cut one length down the middle and match it!
  • More fab family time on Monday afternoon when M called in for a visit with the twinnies so Jo and T could see them  :-)
  • I've finished the latest batch of little African dresses you saw on last week's post 

Here they are hanging on my rail.  This brings my number up to 98...wahoo only two more to go til I reach 100  :-)

  • Bread making pretty much every other day....I refuse to buy bread rolls now  :-)
  • Baked a quiche, some sausage rolls and a chocolate cake....sorry I can't offer you a slice cos it's all gone  :-)
  • Knitting....my latest is a little waistcoat for baby Sam in a gorgeous green Crofter wool so it will look like fairisle....will show it off when I've finished it.
  • Doll making....I've got to replace the ones my gorgeous Granddaughters fell in love with on Sunday and insisted they were far too special to be left here with Nanny Annie plus I'm working on a new little Mr Tumble lookie likey doll
  • I guess there must have been a bit of cooking and cleaning done too  :-)
So on my desk today is...
  • A cut out 'have a first go' at making a little Mr Tumble lookie likey doll
  • my pins and of course two pairs of scissors  :-)
  • 4 new pieces of fabric that I bought at Doughty's in Hereford on Saturday...the one with little dogs on has already been made into a 'V' cushion cover for the twins to have at home.

    And as you can see they approve  :-)

      Now I have a request for all my wonderful blogging friends out there in the world......I am looking for some bright blue cotton material with little yellow stars all over and some bright yellow material with thin blue stripes and I'm really struggling to find either.  Doughty's had more material than a girl could imagine but the only stripe anything like was what you can see on my table and it's not perfect cos it also has red, green and white stripes too  [ I'm such a fussy pants as you will all know by now  :-) ].  I only need a metre or two of each of them but I have searched the web and so far not been lucky.  Do any of you know of a stockist that has either of them?  Pleaseeeeeeeee

      The only other pic I am including today is this one...

      One of my daffodils my hubby bought me on Friday to brighten up your day as much as they did mine  :-)

      He's such a darling  :-)

      Hope you all have a great week and leave me a little 'hello' comment before popping over to Julia's blog to join in the WOYWW fun.
      Annie x


      Twiglet said...

      Fab post and that pic of S & L is amazing. They are growing up too quickly!!

      SueH said...

      No time to stop and read your blog now but please pop across to mine, I've left something there for you.

      I'll be back later to catch up.


      jude said...

      Hiya hunni im loving your post and havent the twins grown time goes so fast.Im hoping to go out weekend apart from drs not done much since christmas i wll pop and see if i can see any ,material shops for you !
      Happy wednesday and have creative week hugs judex55

      CRAFTY WOMBLE said...

      Breathing, you did remember breathing right?! I love that you listed sausage rolls, cake and quiche then say you probably did some cooking - because the other is baking right ;) I am heading off to Kisco soonish a fabric warehouse in Leicester, if there is no sign of any I shall look for you there. Have another lovely week hugs Wend x

      Helen said...

      Great pics of the twins, how they are developing! hope someone comes up trumps with your fabric plea....

      Lunch Lady Jan said...

      Love the fabric you bought! I visited Doughty's last year and really loved it. That photo of the twins is soooo sweet, they're changing really quickly, aren't they?
      Will keep an eye out for the fabrics for you...
      Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

      Angela (Toucan Scraps) said...

      have you tried hand printing some fabric? It's lots of fun.

      Minxy said...

      It's been a while since I visited but your still as busy as ever I see.
      The only star fabric i found was here.. http://www.hannahsroom.co.uk/Starry-Blue-Hoffman.html
      hope you find what you need
      Happy Wednesday
      Minxy x

      Emma/The Log Cabin said...

      Hi Annie, the daffodils are gorgeous. Have you tried Strawberry Fayre in Devon for the fabric? They do a mail order service xxx

      Kate said...

      Love the material on the doggie cushion cover and the twins look so cute!!

      ** Kate **

      JoZart said...

      Such a cheery crafty post and I'm so pleased everything is going so well again. The twins are adorable and what big eyes they have, Grandma!
      Thank DH for our flowers!
      Next time you make sausage rolls try adding a few heaped tablespoons of wholegrain mustard to the sausage meat. Delicious! We ate them in a farm shop cafe in Devon during our trip before Christmas, and I've been making them successfully ever since. I use half a small jar of mustard to 1lb sausages.... seems a lot but it's not really hot mustard.
      Will look for your fabric and hope I'm lucky,
      Love JoZarty x

      sandra de said...

      The twins are so gorgeous. Best of luck in the fabric hunt.

      Polly Polkadot said...

      I'm always worn out just reading what you achieve in a week! The twins look very happy with their cushion. I may get to Wheelers fabric on Friday, so I'll take your shopping list just in case.

      Sue said...

      Hi hun
      long time no see, congratulations on all those little frocks, wow how the little ones have grown, where does time go? beautiful daffodils,thanks for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x(54)

      CraftygasheadZo said...

      Great post, thanks for sharing. Hope you enjoy this WOYWW. Zo x 89

      Karen said...

      A fab post, it certainly sounds as they you have been busy, but having fun! A great photo of the twins :)

      Have a fab WOYWW and a great week, Karen #108

      L00py's Craft Creations said...

      Flowers? Hubbies are supposed to bring Flowers? huh!! must have a word with mine then!! as to the fabric quest, sorry cant help, lovely creative area, xx Happy WOYWW hun, hoping to get to post on blogs this week, as it didnt let me last week!!

      Lou P

      Stephanie said...

      100 dresses? Wow! 2 more to go--you're nearly there!!

      famfa said...

      Such a lovely happy bright post today. Good luck with your quest for material. Sure someone somewhere will have some. Twinnies gorgeous as ever. Lovely dresses. Great pillow

      Lou said...

      More adorable pictures of the twins, hope you manage to find your fabric or that someone can help you, was reading about your little dollys having to go home with your granddaughters, my nan used to make me rag dolls and i still treasure them now and can remember how much i loved them as a child, wow almost 100 dresses, well done you what a marvelous thing you have done. Hope you have a great week Lou @#26

      mckinkle said...

      Hello Annie,

      Oh what a wonderful post, again! The photo of your twinnies is just magical and they sure seem to approve whole heartedly on their new cushion!

      Good luck with the fabric hunt, if I get to town I will have a peek.

      I love the crofter wool too, it is so clever what they do now as I sure used to hate doing fair isle! Cant wait to see the new make!

      Keryn x

      SueH said...

      Crikey Annie, I need a rest after reading about all you’ve crammed in since last Wednesday….how on earth do you manage it all.

      Sorry I can’t help with the fabric but you’ve done a fab job with the cushion cover, the two little one looks so comfortable on it! And my, haven’t they grown. I’m so pleased they are doing so well now.

      Happy Crafting!

      Brenda B said...

      I think I can tell you what happened to January.... you're so incredibly busy (in a good way) every single day that you don't notice the days passing, lol!! Hope you find he fabric somewhere.

      Brenda 115

      Jumbleberries said...

      My word, you do manage to cram a lot into a week! Thanks for sharing the pics of the twinnies and the daffodils - both have brightened my day.

      Jumbleberries xx

      Anne said...

      Like you can't believe it's February. The twins are just beautiful. How do you manage to do so much? Thanks for the photo of the daffodils - I love them and I needed cheering up. Thanks for sharing. Anne x

      Mary Ann said...

      Good grief you have been very busy:)

      Those sweet baby faces made my day.

      okienurse said...

      the twins are so cute! I am going to a fabric store tomorrow and will look for the stars and stripes fabric for you. I am offering up some blog candy so come leave a comment on my blog and get a chance to win! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #90

      Spyder said...

      Definitely don't know where you could buy your stripes and stars! But you never know, some one might! Great pictures, Happy WOYWW

      Angie said...

      I really dont know how you fit everything in ...such prolific creativness...oh thats a mouthful lol ...sorry i cant help with the material ...but I shall keep my eyes open.
      The twins are SOOOOO cute. xx

      peggy aplSEEDS said...

      oh my you've been so busy! of all the pics you posted my favorite is of the cute little twins so comfy in the cushion! adorable! happy WOYWW, and thanks for sharing!
      peggy aplSEEDS

      Di said...

      Aw, so lovely to see the twinnies - growing so fast and absolutely adorable!! I hope you get the fabric sorted out Annie - folk seem to have left a few thoughts.

      I have to admit to feeling the need for a lie down after I read everything you've been up to - you constantly amaze me honey!

      Don't forget the stationery offer still stands, but I guess you'll do that whilst stirring a cake! Hugs, Di xx

      scrappymo! said...

      My goodness, I feel lazy compared to you!
      So many wonderful prjects...enjoy them all.

      Lisa-Jane said...

      How adorable are they?! Glad they approve of the cushion. Looking forward to seeing Mr Tumble as a dolly.

      Sheena said...

      Wow! Do you ever sleep?!
      Doing the woyww rounds, looks like it's gonna take a while!


      RosC said...

      Fun post. No help on the fabrics I fear, but I love those little eyes like dinner plates. They are very sweet. And I share your love of home made bread. I've just recently perfected sourdough bread including a yummy fruit loaf, and bread rolls. My starter is six months old at the end of Feb!
      Ros. (180)

      Elizabeth said...

      Hi Annie, great post but I feel the need to lie down after reading it ... do you ever stop??? The twins are thriving and looking gorgeous, as are your other grandchildren who seem intent on keeping you busy making those fun rag dolls. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Elizabeth x #78