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Friday, 17 February 2012

Friday's Smile....

I like to find a snap to make you smile on a Friday and this week is no different.

Question.....Can you tell what sex these dollies will be?

Answer is obvious.....They are all girls....They are all needing a wee and there is never a queue outside the gents is there?

This is my latest batch of little dollies and at this stage they like to cross their legs which just made me giggle.

Hope my bit of fun made you smile today.  Have a great weekend and I will be back with my news on Monday.

Annie x


Helen said...

You always find the right pic! It did raise a smile and you are so right!! Have a great weekend.

Di said...

Oh Annie - thanks for a little laugh this morning! So cute in a line, waiting for a wee and their clothes as well!! Di xx

KC'sCourt! said...

Certainly made me smile! And how true!
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Twiglet said...

What are you like!!!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, your photo is an absolute hoot ... thanks for the giggle :)) Elizabeth x

JoZart said...

Trust you!! Will you please put knickers on them now for decency after that!!
Thanks so much for my tins I got today and also the lovely card. Love them! Will be in touch soon but at a workshop tomorrow and been out today.
Jo xxx

BadPenny said...

aww they look like cute little Aliens at this stage ! I got severely told off for going into the gents to wee by a burly night club bouncer... I was about nineteen. Now at 49 I realise what could have happened.

Carol said...

Very funny, but how true!
Carol xx