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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Fun in the snow....

No, alas not me  :-(  

I'm full up with a cold.  Sore throat. Cough.  Earache.  Running temperatures......you know,  all we need leading up to Christmas  :-(  Just my luck eh?

But I will say that isn't stopping everyone else's fun in the snow.  Our eldest has broken up from school [as a teacher not a pupil though  :-)].  Her and her fiance have been out creating in the garden.

They have even had people at their door asking to take pics of her too  :-)

Wispa just loves the snow but now much snow can one little dog carry round on their nose and feet?.....She has now found a warm spot by the radiator to thaw out  :-)

I really do hope you are all well enough to enjoy the snow too and don't find it too much of a problem.


Twiglet said...

Love it!!!! Tho I fear she will get frost bite if she doesn't wrap up a little warmer. Hope you soon feel better. Missing your company!

KC'sCourt! said...

I love the Sunbathing Snowlady.
Julie xxxxxxx

Jude said...

Brilliant snow lady...hope you're feeling much better soon, so you can partake in the festivities..

devonaz said...

She does look like she does need alittle sun..very cute..Hope you are feeling better real soon...

Pearly Queen said...

Oh dear - sound like the flu I had. Hope you haven't caught it over the internet!

Keep warm and stay in bed is my advice and you should just about be over it for Christmas. Don't knock yourself out trying to do the dinner - other people will cope for you!

Hope you're better soon.


Mrs A. said...

I think this flu is getting the rounds pretty fast. We have it now in our house. Love your snow lady. I think she could do with some warming brandy in her glass though!!!

Felted House said...

Wispa is adorable - I can't believe how animals can willingly stay out in the cold so long - Archie has only just come in after three hours of skipping about in the garden, though thankfully he's not brought so much of the snow in with him. Do hope you feel a lot better soon and have a lovely Christmas feeling fully recovered. xx

Carmen said...

Oh poor doggy. My two have to be physically thrown out - they hate it. Loved the snow lady :P

Hope you feel better before the big day.

HAppy Christmas :)

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh how funny - amazing what imagination and snow produces! Gosh poor you - get well soon girly, take rest and plenty of it. xx


Oh dear ... I do hope you feel better in time for the big day and I hope you have a lovely Christmas
Best wishes

We have no snow at the moment!

Jensters said...

I do hope you feel much better soon....what a great snowlady...lol...and wispa looks so cute x

Suz said...

Fabulous....now all she needs is the sunshine!
Wispa..so cute
Hope the cold gets better soon
Big hugs x