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Friday, 15 October 2010

Too much fun maybe?...

Having had 2 wonderful days playing with my little friends on Monday and Tuesday my sewing had piled up big time as you can imagine.  Wednesday morning I got up with intention to plough my way through the sewing mountain.....
  • A bed cover to make
  • A Door curtain to shorten
  • Many pairs of trousers to take in and shorten
  • Sleeves to shorten on a top
  • A dressing gown to stitch down the front of
  • A gents jacket to take in and shorten the sleeves on.
  • 2 skirts to take in
  • A Bridesmaid's dress to shorten
Yes, I had all that and more on my to do list and of course as I cleared that yet more arrived!
Only one problem....Wednesday morning I woke up with a streaming head cold!....and I've not managed to shift it yet  :-(

It's really not easy to sew with streaming eyes but needs must eh?  I'm winning slowly.  Pretty well all on the list has been done now so it's just all the extra jobs to do now.....
  • 2 gents jackets with vented cuffs to shorten the sleeves on
  • 3 pair suit trousers with kick tape to shorten
  • A pair of padded walking trousers to shorten
  • A pair of gents trousers to repair from where he has been pushing his hands in the pockets!
So.....  If I haven't managed to do a return visit on all my WOYWW friends please forgive me.

Sorry friends


Jenevieve said...

Wow, you have been busy! That's a lot of sewing, hope you feel better soon! :) x

Linby said...

Hope you feel better soon. I've been off with the lurgy the past three days so no posting or WOYWW for me-it's my graduation tomorrow so hoping all will be well!

Twiglet said...

Love the cartoon but who is that sharing your bed? Looks like my gerbil - lol! Hope you are soon better - shout up if you need a house elf!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Your blogging WOYWW friends won't need an apology - too busy wishing you a get well soon...don't worry about work piling up -truly, it will wait - because you're worth it!

Felted House said...

Sorry you're not feeling well and hope your nasty cold goes away very soon. It's not good working for yourself when there's nobody else to take over if you're sick! xx

Anonymous said...

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