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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Time to celebrate....

We have a lot to celebrate here.

After many weeks of worry and anxiety over our dear neighbour on Friday we managed to get her transferred to a really lovely care home near by.  She broke her leg back on 9th July and was taken into hospital to recover.  The shock and all the changing circumstances caused a lot of confusion and because of this when her leg had recovered sufficiently she was still unable to look after herself home alone and was admitted to a local care home for convalescence.  During her recovery it became more and more obvious that she was suffering from dementia and although she was brought home for several trial visits it was very obvious to those who knew and loved her that she would not be able to managed at home even with the maximum care team available as it would still mean long periods of her being home alone.  I was called to her last Wednesday night as she had become very confused and agitated.  Thankfully I was able to calm her down [I'm a bit like a comfort blanket  :-)  ] and reassure her she was safe and helped to settle her down in bed before leaving her.  It became very obvious to me that if the social services didn't act very quickly to move her to a more suitable home then the situation could get quickly out of hand so I spent Thursday and Friday working hard on her behalf to get her moved.The hard work all paid off and on Friday afternoon she was transferred to a really lovely care home close by.
It was her 82nd Birthday yesterday so we paid her a visit and although I'm sure it will take time for her to get used to the routine  I'm certain she will be well looked after in her new home.  Happy Birthday B for yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon was our Knit and Natter afternoon at Shrewsbury Theatre and soon after we arrived I had a really exciting text and then visit from our eldest daughter to show us an engagement ring.  We are all really thrilled with their news and would like to wish them huge congratulations...... We of course now have a Wedding to plan now but think 2012 is the most likely time  :-)

Good news often comes in 3s and our next celebrations will be on Tuesday cos it's Twiglet's Birthday.  It's just a number sis  :-)

October is a great month for us as we have lots of Birthdays and celebrations.  Our youngest Granddaughter is being Christened on 10th October too  :-)


Twiglet said...

Yes but please don't tell everyone what number!!!! lol

Felted House said...

Many congratulations to your daughter - how exciting! And what a wonderful neighbour you have been - I could only hope to have someone so caring next door to me in my senior years - my mum is 82 and still living on her own and I'm just starting to get concerned for her - she'll be impossible to get into a home but I'm so glad you have found such a nice one for your neighbour. I've got lots of birthdays in October too, hubby's yesterday and lots of friends later on. xx

Anne said...

Oh, many congratulations to your daughter - how exciting!

I do hope your neighbour settles in quickly to her new home. It must have been very distressing to see her like that, and frightening for her too. How lucky to have you so close by to keep a close eye on her.

mountainear said...

What a lot of reasons to be cheerful.

How good to know there are good neighbours like you about too.

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Some really great news... congratulations!
Also good news for your neighbour too, there seem to be too many who slip through the cracks, so it's wonderful that you took the time to care for your neighbour and I'm glad it worked out. Sxx

Karen said...

Go on Annie....tell us the number hahahahaha!!!!

Oh its lovely to read such good news. I am so pleased that you managed to find a lovely home for your neighbour at last. I am sure she will settle soon.

ooooo a BIG congratulations for your daughter. Such an exctiting time for them ahead.

Thank you for telling us lovely news like this Annie XXX

mashy20 said...

Thanks for the congrats.......and yes very excited daughter here!xxx

Paula Gale said...

wow wow wow - congrats all round (yes, i'm working backwards through your recent posts)!!!

I just realised what month it is with you saying its Jo's Birthday... which means that its someone else's birthday very soon too?!?!?!?!?

Hmm.. gonna be busy?

Big hugs

Paula x x x