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Monday, 19 July 2010

What a day :-)

What can I say? Having updated my blog, after Twiglet left, to say that I had 998 customers I was really amazed to have yet another new customer at 4.50pm!


I close my shop at 5pm so she was very lucky to catch me but she came with arms full of .........Yes, you've guessed it curtain fabric! :-( When she spoke it was obvious she was not of English origin and explained she was in fact from Hungary :-) Also one of my customers that came this morning told me he had moved to Scotland since he came here last but as he was back visiting in the area he had called in with his sewing :-)

As you can see I have had, not only a busy day, with 3 new customers, but one that's included customers from all over the world :-) My little [or not so little!] sewing business never fails to amaze me.

1000 is looming fast so watch this space :-)....and of course with 12 lined curtains to make I now have a need of Twiglet's help for the day tomorrow......Oh what a hardship :-) :-) :-)


mckinkle said...

Well that sure is an emergency - 999 - blimey girl they must be queueing down the road, have you checked?!

Im losing concentration in my card now!!

Methinks I will have to be glued to my dashboard all day tomorrow just to get the latest!

Keryn x

Twiglet said...

Well I am planning on a celebration tea at our favourite hostelry tomorrow so do hope your 1000th customer arrives early!!!! Will bring a bottly of bubbly just in case and then we can giggle through the rest of the day!!!!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Well it's a sure bet now then Wipso - 1000 is on the way..well done. And Tiglet's plan is the best, for sure.

Chrissie said...

Well done you!
I'm sure that bubbly will be broken out really soon!

bayou said...

Yesss! I'd loved to giggle with you both....

Karen said...

WOW....so very nearly there Annie! Its a real testement to your talent & standard that your Scottish client brought some sewing for you while on his hols though! XXX