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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday's treasures....

We have spent today in the garden and I wanted to record a few of the treasures we have found and thought you might like to share them.

The single redcurrant bush was loaded with fruit so I picked them and transformed them to.....

..... a half jar of Redcurrant jam....yum yum.

We have weeded and cut back lots of shrubs and bushes to tidy up our extensive back garden.

The lavender is at it's best and all day was covered with bumble bees.

The hollyhocks are the best they have ever been this year. We remove a large buddleia at the end of last year that had been shadowing the other plants and this has allowed them more light to bloom.

The tomato plants in the greenhouse are heavy with fruit and are even starting to ripen now. Some are red but others are sweet and yellow when ripe.

These ones are really huge.

Having just read Twiglet's blog I can honestly say our day was well spent and when I wake in the morning I can look back on today and have no regrets....apart from the aches and pains I have to remind me :-)
I really hope your weekend has been as wonderful as ours.


Julia Dunnit said...

It is definitely a good feeling to go to bed on an accomlishment like this. We have neglected our garden this weekend in favour of indoor chores...tidying mostly!

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Lovely photos .... redcurrant picking in the garden is on the agenda for the littlies tomorrow and as my lavender was destroyed by a naughty puppy last year I am off with my secateurs in the week to harvest some from a local Freecycler. The hollyhocks are gorgeous ... I pass a house regularly where there are some in the front garden which must be around 6' tall. x

mckinkle said...

OH what superb photos Annie, the redcurrants transported me back to summers when my Mam would bake a pie with them and she made the bestest fruit pies in the world!!

The flowers are beautiful, as is your lavender and I am in awe as I cannot keep lavender at all.

You'll have such a great sleep tonight!


Keryn x

Twiglet said...

Jam butties for lunch then - yum yum! See you later!!

Jensters said...

Mmm i was eating whitecurrent and redcurrent on saturday while we was gooseberry picking for a yummy crumble....wouldnt mind trying your Jam tho x

Hazel (Didos) said...

WOW I love the garden. I am going to have loads of lavender in mine next year. This year has been spent doing inside the house! Yours looks great, Love the tomatoes too, yum nothing better than a freshly pulled tomato piece. (sandwich!!)


Kathy said...

Ooooh lots of garden maintenance being done then! Isn't it lovely to stand back and see the "fruits" of your labours

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Great garden pics Annie. Home made jam - wonderful :-)
Anne x