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Friday, 21 May 2010

What a week!!....

It has been a manic week for me. Wednesday's plans to spend time blog hopping went out the window for me so please forgive me if I din't manage to get round to your blog. I must have had at least a dozen customers throughout the day. One of them was a bride who called in with her dress. She said she had just tried it on and she couldn't get in it! Oh and the Wedding is THIS SATURDAY!!!! Now this one needed a little thinking time [who am I kidding? my brain went into overload!!!]. She tried it on and her friend and I just about managed to heave ho and get the zip done up. What didn't fit in bulged over the top and breathing was totally out of the question. We released her and I decided that by the side zip was the only place I could add a little more fabric. Luckily I had some fabric that wasn't a million miles from her dress colour so I told her to come back lunch time yesterday and I would work some miracles for her.

Now what you have to bear in mind is if I couldn't have done it by yesterday I wouldn't have time to adjust it if I didn't get it right first time [and no one leaves here unless things are perfect :-) ]. Also while I have customers coming and going I am not sewing. My 'to do' rail was full first thing Wednesday. I emptied it and it refilled to overflowing during the day....my table, ironing board, and every other surface was covered with garments at one time. I had 5 customers at one time...as one left the next arrived! Madness madness madness.

Needless to say I put a panel in the Wedding dress and did a few other little jobs on it that it also needed and it was ready by lunchtime yesterday.....I am also thrilled to say it fitted to perfection and the Bride left here with a huge sigh of relief and a big smile on her face :-)

My 'to do' rail is also now empty and today I am either going to do the other Wedding dress you saw in the bag on Wednesday or make a waistcoat I have now been commissioned to make. I have already baked 2 dozen buns and a chocolate cake ready for the church garden club sale that is to be held on our front drive in the morning.

Never a dull moment here. :-) :-) :-)


mckinkle said...

Oh wow what a fab week you are having! I would love to feel needed in that way!!

I couldnt help but be shocked that the bride could not even get in her dress! Im stunned that she hadnt tried it on a little while ago and realised!
Now that sense of satisfaction as she left with her beautiful dress fitting perfectly must be priceless. That alone would make me happy for a very long time!

Your sign at the front of your house is obviously doing the trick as it sure seems that everyone is spreading the word and they are all descending upon you!

Hope you enjoy the church garden sale tomorrow too! Your baking looks extremely yummy! One of those buns would go so nicely with my cappuccino right now! lol!

Have a great weekend Annie!

Keryn xx

Vicki said...

wow that is A busy day!!!! and week for that matter. yummy looking cakes. i'm glad you managed to get her wedding dress sorted!!!

Poppy said...

It sounds manic...lol, buns look lovely.

Karen said...

Oh my goodness!!! Why do brides do this 'I am going to lose weight for my dress' thing??? One that I made for was like this so I lied & told her I had made the dress a size smaller and when the day came it fitted a treat hahahaha!!! Far easier to take it in if I had to.

Your sign is certainly working a treat for you...long may it continue but in a less frazzled way XXX

Julia Dunnit said...

It's emotional blackmail Wipso, that bride knew that you would dig up mountains to help her out because it's the sort of thing that no nice, caring person like yourself would ever turn away. Cynical. Moi? Well done, I mean no to detract from your kindness or your amazing acievement...more to join the others in shock over the bride's not tryin git on a little bit sooner! I hope you enjoy somehting of a break - change if not rest this weekend! You must be averaging about 16 hours a day now the nights are shorter....

Gez said...

What a palarver! I thought they only happened here!!
Goodness you really did earn your prawn sandwich yesterday!
Hope you can chill today.xxx

Paula Gale said...

OMG - she should have eaten less pies in the run up to the wedding is all i can say - and thank god that you were on hand to save her day... i hope she appreciated what you in effect acheived i.e. you saved her wedding!!!

Well done - but we really wouldn't expect anything less from you!!!

Big hugs

Paula x x x