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Monday, 24 May 2010

Prostar footballers?....

My darling hubby and my hunk of a son, for their third time, got together for some male bonding to play football at the Shrewsbury town football Prostar Stadium yesterday. They are season ticket holders so this is a real thrill for them. After the end of the football season they are given the chance to raise money for the club and they pay for the pleasure to play on the hallowed ground! My son organised the team which included dads and sons and the occasional guy who can really play :-)

It all looks very professional doesn't it?

It was a beautiful day but when they started it was 22 degrees and only got hotter. It was a brilliant hour's entertainment of men and boys all encouraging each other and playing to their best abilities. The play was really very even between the two teams but the score said otherwise....our team lost 5 0 :-( :-( Of course there was disappointment but I have a feeling this has only driven them on to play again next year....to win of course! [it's a man thing :-) ].

There is nothing nicer than seeing a football kit hanging on the line in the sun after a fab day,


Jensters said...

Looks like a great day....and washing on a line with the sun and wind.

Gez said...

Absolutely BRILLIANT! What memories. Thankfully their kits weren't caked in mud!!
Have a lovely fun day Monday.xx

mckinkle said...

Looks like fun was had by all! Couldnt get any better than that!

What a beautiful garden you have!

Keryn x

Julia Dunnit said...

How fab. Heat or not, I couldn't possibly run up and down a football pitch - we were at a party at our local football ground on Saturday and I swear the gap between the two goals is getting longer!

Paula Gale said...

Hee hee - I thought Doddy was the only one on a stool at first which made me giggle - but soon realised all the front row were on them!!!

Mark has to be one of the most handsome of the bunch... well done on organising the event... Hope you were there with oranges at half time Annie!!!

Paula x x x