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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sunshine award...

I have been given this lovely award from a very talented friend who designs the most wonderful knitted characters.

She has recently knit several amazing characters that have been featured on telly and I am so pleased to be able to call her my blogging friend.
This award as all awards comes with a few rules
  • Pass it on to 6 bloggers
  • Put a link to your nominees within your post
  • Let your nominees know that you are passing this award along to them by leaving by leaving a comment on their blog
  • Link to the blog of the person who nominated you for this award
This is not the easiest of tasks because I have made so many really dear friends through blogging that have each, in their own, way brought sunshine into my life but here are just six of them

  1. Twiglet...who as you will all know by now is a real ray of sunshine always. She is always there when I need to laugh or cry and has the best listening ear anyone could wish for.
  2. Paula..... who is awaiting fairly major surgery but still always leaves a little ray of sunshine on every blog she visits. She is a gem.
  3. Julia...who is the snoop queen who has connected so many blogging friends and brought extra sunshine into so very many lives.
  4. Fi...who instigated the 20 minutes of creating crafting every day and this has really given so many of us real pleasure.
  5. Chrissie...who regularly makes the most gorgeous card that I am certain brings sunshine into very many lives...including mine.
  6. Gez...who this week sent us the most lovely thank you gift that was totally unexpected and really special.
These are just a very few of the blogging friends who deserve this award and to the rest I would like to say a huge Thank You for bringing sunshine into my days.


Paula Gale said...

AAAhhh thank you so much Annie - I am very honoured and gushing.

I'm stuck for words and will think carefully before passing this award on.

Thank you
big hugs

Paula x x x

Julia Dunnit said...

OMGee, you crdit me for things way beyond my erm, powers! Thankyou, this is a lovely award.

Gez said...

CONGRATULATIONS Annie you sooooo deserve this award. Thank You for bringing sunshine into all of our lives. It lovely knowing I can switch on the computer & know I can pop by. :)

Thank You for finding the time to blog your wonderful creations & Thank You to Jo too.xx

Oooh Thank You for thinking of me. I am very honoured. Hugs, Gez.XXX

Twiglet said...

Another one!! Well I am speechless - that makes a change I hear you say! Thanks lots - I will see what I can do to pass on this little bit of sunshine.

stephencanberra said...

Thank you so much Wipso!

I am truly honoured! I will post my nominees very soon hopefully!