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Monday, 2 November 2009

Monday fun day.....

Yes, it was one of those days. Twiglet and I have had another fun day. We had a catch up with a friend for the morning over coffee and the afternoon we 'played' with the embellishers.

This is my latest creation in the making. Beads and stitches still to be added and then it needs mounting on the front of the bag but I'm rather thrilled with how it's progressing so thought I would show you. Hope you like how it's coming together. Twiglet is busy making brooches and I'm sure at some point she will show and tell too. They are really gorgeous so well worth waiting for.

My 'to do' rail is full of sewing jobs so alas that is what I will be doing tomorrow but guess that's the price I pay for a fun day.


Friko said...

I can only repeat my mantra: you are sooo clever!

Twiglet said...

Just beading my little brooches now! Camera at the ready - will put them on my blog later. Great day - hope we can have a tutoring session with T. next week- we will all enjoy that!
He he - word verification is... fancedin - is that a particularly noisy crafting session then??

theothermousie said...

Mmm that is looking quite stunning, you clever thing!

Hope you are keeping well.

Take care

Sarah xxx

Pondside said...

All work and no play..........you know what they say about that. Gorgeous things are the result of your play, but the look of it.

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

I love the bright colours... just what we need for this time of year!

her at home said...

It looks wonderful but I beg more info on what a embellishing machine is and does!!Pretty Please!

Blue bird said...

Hello to my new Friend! Here is Blue Bird just returning of an all around trip from your blogs. It is really very intersting what you do. You are a most creative artist and I just admire your work!
I decited, that every day ( God willing) I will write to my followers alternatively a little message. Many people look and read blogs, but getting a message after the pleasure of reading not always follow. I'll do better!
Enjoyed all the things you create!