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Monday, 30 November 2009

Ikea and Amateur Dramatics

What a fab weekend we have had. Saturday morning we took our son and his girlfriend to Ikea :-) Our son, M, has memories of being taken there as a child [and not really enjoying it :-)] but his girlfriend, G, had never been before. They are setting up a little home together early next year and are in the planning and gathering the essentials mode so had requested a visit. G was so excited at seeing all there was to walk round. There were oooos and awwws and "would we have room for one of those in the ....". There was measuring and debating and notes taken for the isles they were to be collected from in the warehouse. It was a real pleasure to watch.

I had, of course, my own list of wants too and managed to pick up all I went for. A new cupboard for my sewing threads because the old one is just too small. A beautiful little wooden dolly's bed for our Granddaughter, little P's Christmas pressie. Nanny can now, of course, sew and knit to deck it out with bedding :-) I also managed to get a picture frame I have been hunting for since buying my embellisher. I wanted one with space between the glass and the mount to allow space for 3D embellishments so I can embellish a picture....watch this space. In all it was a very successful visit.

Saturday night was the last night of my son M's amateur dramatic group's play "Fly in the ointment". It was at Bayston Hill and had been performed on Thursday, Friday very successfully with great reviews. M was playing the part of Albert the pizza delivery boy and frequently had to say "my mum used to say". [It looks like he listened at some point then ?!] All I can say is I have paid to see professionals act and this was far more enjoyable. We all laughed 'til faces ached. It was performed by just 6 actors/actresses and was brilliant.....Well done son, I'm soooooooo proud of you.

Sunday was, of course, a day of cardboard boxes, screw drivers and putting together of our purchases. I only have to ask and my supporting other half sets to. I am now the proud owner of a new set of drawers for my cotton reels [ if only we had remembered to pick up a set of drawer knobs!]. The new drawers are twice the size of the last ones and he has fitted them to allow yet more storage space for boxes etc so I'm thrilled to bits [I am easily pleased]. Thank you D for all your hard work. Love you to bits xxxx


Susan said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!
My son feels the same as yours re:Ikea! However since hes 16 he isnt planning on leaving home yet!
I love Ikeas storage too - so great for us crafty peeps!
Enjoy your week

Friko said...

you are such a lovely lady, you may think you are easily pleased but you take such huge pleasure in your days that it is a joy to read your posts. I wish there were more of you instead of all the moaning minnies I come across!

Julia Dunnit said...

Lovely..and such exciting times for M, how lovely to be invited to be so involved..I like Ikea too, I can totally get my head around the system..althoug it always costs me wayyyyy more than I'd planned! Hope your lovely weekend sustains you through a busy week.

Ann said...

Glad you had such a productive and enjoyable weekend. And well done to M for performing on stage - something I could never contemplate!

Twiglet said...

Love all your Ikea additions to your work room - such fun was had there today - funday Monday! Thanks x x

Pondside said...

I love to visit IKEA but the closest one in on the mainland, so I don't get there often.
It sounds as though the play was a great success. I'd love to laugh til my face aches too!!