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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

My bears....

As promised here is a quick blog to share a bit of info about my bears. They are tiny felt bears about 2" in height [so only suitable for over 3 year olds due to their tiny parts]. They are all made to my own design and I write little poems to go in their bags with them. I sell them for £1.75 each plus any postage/packaging costs. I started with a worry bear and, over the years as requests came in' I now have little poems to suit all sorts of occasions. The easiest way is for me just to list the poems so here goes...
Self esteem bear
Challenge bear
Hospital bear
Good luck bear
Birthday bear
Congratulations bear
Thank you bear
Poorly bear
Sporty bear
Bon voyage bear
Christmas teddy
Grand parent bear
Baby bear
Over the hill bear
Mother's day bear
Sunshine ted
Bridal bears [2 in pack and costs more]
Bride bear
Crafty bear
New house bear

Phew....I didn't realise the list was so long :-) So you have an idea of what the poems are like here is one for you to read.

Comfort Bear
This little bear will give you strength,
When you’re feeling rather sad.
He’ll comfort you and give you love,
So things don’t seem so bad,
He comes to you from special friends,
Who want to show they care,
No words can tell you how they feel,
But at times life just ain’t fair. ©

As you can see they are just little dittys really and I have the copyright to them all so please no copying.


Friko said...

how very sweet. They make me want to have a small grandchild again. On second thoughts, perhaps not a new grandchild, they bring too much work with them. Perhaps a friend's grandchild.

Twiglet said...

Those little bears are such rascals - what do you call a gang of them, I wonder? A bundle?

theothermousie said...

Aww these sound adorable - what a lovely idea - I bet they all come to be loved & cherished by their owners. Are you sure you are charging enough for them???!!

Hope you're well xxx

Wipso said...

Thanks for the suggestion theothermousie. The price has been the same to as long as I have been making them so maybe a price increase is well over due. They are really a labour of love and each one has it's own little character as no two are identical with being hand made. I really feel it's my way of spreading a few smiles and a bit of love around the world. A x

Calico Kate said...

These are so lovely & I have really enjoyed my catch up session with your blog. Now I must go and do some sewing before it is time to stop and make dinner.

snailbeachshepherdess said...

have just had a mammoth catch up session reading all your news - dear God woman do you actually have time to breathe???? And can I pop a pair of work trousers down for a new zip please? :)

Wipso said...

You are welcome any time SBS :-)