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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Embellishing...first real attempt

Having had an afternoon of 'playing' yesterday I was determined to make a card with my new 'toy' today and thought you might like to see my first efforts. It is all done on my new machine and has just a few seeding beads in the middle of each flower. I just love the effects you can get using different materials/threads and am certain I will have many many happy hours exploring the possibilities.
I always send a thank you card to the shop where I buy my machines from because I have been using their services for years and they always go that extra inch to make sure what I buy is right for me. It is a small sewing machine shop that still has the personal touch and wont set up with an on line shop for that very reason. If you live within driving distance and need help/advise about sewing machines or just need your machine serviced they are the place to contact.............. The Sewing Machine Centre, 58 Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury. Tel; 01743 343902.


Twiglet said...

That is really lovely Wipso - what a great first attempt!! I agree about the shop too - I must see what I can do - they will expect a card from me now!!

Julia Dunnit said...

W O W..I can see your enthusiasm popping with the possibilities of it all. Beautiful card!
As for needing plastic drawers..I have 3 sets of those to give away. Whilst it would be lovely to meet, am not sure they're worth a trip to Wiltshire for?!

mountainear said...

That looks pretty good for a first attempt - very simple and very effective. Well done. Fx

Wipso said...

Thanks for the offer Julia but I must agree with you that it is a long way to come for drawers, some would say I dont need :-) A x

Calico Kate said...

What a super card. So wish that your sewing machine centre was near here. Ended up taking my two sewing machines in to Glasgow leaving them with a contact at Scottish Opera for their sewing machine man to do. Pretty good service we picked them up last time we were in. Am itching to have a go with the Embroidery one as dad found it in a tip and as I couldn't get it to work now it is mended I can play ...... so best get off the pooter then!