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Friday, 29 June 2018

This week's smiles...week 278

Hello all.  I really hope you are all enjoying this wonderful sunny weather we are having at the mo.  We don't have these sort of days often so we have to make the best of it and that's just what my family have been doing....

Last weekend Amy, Dave and their three joined friends for a weekend on the Welsh coast and, as you can see, the children really enjoyed some fun in the sea.....don't you just love the black and white photos?

After a long hot day at school the twins enjoyed some fun in their paddling pool in their back garden.

We have enjoyed very many bowls full of strawberries this year....it must be a good year for them.  These two made me chuckle.  It looks like they are trying to be something else to avoid being picked...the top one looks like a butterfly and the bottom one looks more like a moth don't you think?
As you can see their disguise didn't fool me and yes they were really yummy too.

That's all my smiles for today.  It's been a really busy week with sewing so I'm pleased to say we have floor standing fans that have kept the temperatures down to a level I can work in.

Please leave me a little message to say you've called in and if you can then link your own smiles below.
Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What impressive photos of the grandchildren. I can tell how pleased you are to focus on them this week. The are all growing so quickly.

WOW, those are some flyaway strawberries (grin). Have a super Friday and a special weekend, too.

Lisca said...

Hi Annie, It's good to be back and I enjoyed seeing your grandies having fun. They certainly have grown in the month I have been away.
As for the strawberries, they made me smile too. And it is good that the selection is not so strict anymore. I mean, in the past fruit would get selected on size and anything that fell outside the guidelines got discarded resulting in much food waste. Nowadays they sell misshapen fruit as they taste just as good.
On the other hand it is a worrying trend to have misformed strawberries, as it makes me think they all get sprayed with such toxic stuff that they grow misformed.
Have a wonderful weekend and I hope the weather holds.
(PS How awful about the fire on the moor outside Manchester)

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Family time, there's nothing like it and I always think black and white photography is so my more appealing & flattering (or it that just me hee hee!!)
Those Strawbs made me laugh, i'm sure there's a fitting caption or two flying around out there!
Happy Friday Annie & have fun in the sun.
Creative Wishes Tracey x

Twiglet said...

Amazing butterfly camouflage - a very cunning plan but you saw through it! xx Jo

craftyani said...

What lovely happy grandchildren you have always seem to be laughing. Love the strawberries unfortunately ours have finished here in Spain but think I ate my fair quota, time for cherries now - yummy. Hope to join you for WOYWW have had visitors and timetable goes to pot when they are here.

mamapez5 said...

I like getting odd shaped strawberries too, and as you say, they all taste the same!
It is good to have some lovely sunshine for the children to enjoy. The Welsh coast can be quite 'bracing' but I believe last week it was hot like everywhere else.
Mike's selfie wasn't the best was it, but I hope you didn't mind me sharing it. Hugs Kate xx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, sorry I rushed off this morning without leaving a comment, been to the NEC today and you would have loved it. The fabrics were to die for! This show is more about sewing stuff than paper crafting. Bought some reclaimed Kimono fabric which is just gorgeous amongst other things. Loving your photos, my favourites are the black and white ones. I need to come over and jump in that pool, lucky twins! Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

Catriona said...

Lovely happy grandees. Love how they all enjoy the water. Too hot here still and I can’t settle to anything.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Wow, Annie, how word is that?? Love strawberries grown at home mind you our shop ones are retry amazing in Oz, but they certainly don’t look like that’s happy smiles!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, those misshapen strawberries are wonderful - I'm sure they tasted as delicious as any perfect one would too. Lovely photos of your grandchildren enjoying the water. The black and white photos are fab. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Hugs, Ellie xx