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Friday, 1 June 2018

This week's smiles....week 274

Here we are at yet another round up of the week's smiles.  I love spending just a little time each week focusing on what's made me smile and sharing it, hoping my smiles make others smile too.

Little Theo never fails to make me smile....

Here he is posing in the new cardigan his Great Aunty Jo knit for him.  I bought the wool and provided the buttons so it was a real joint venture but as you can tell little Theo was very pleased with the results so it was well worth the effort....and you know what a brilliant team that big sister of mine and I make.

He's enjoying a few days away with his Mummy and Nonna and Taid as Nanny is Italian and Grandad is Welsh.  They are having a wonderful time enjoying the sunshine...alas Daddy has to work but hopes to catch up with them at the weekend.

Gina sent me these photos yesterday.  They were visiting a big farm with a collection of mini beasts [or not so mini!!].  Theo always loves anything that crawls and has no problem at all in handling them all as you can see .....but I do think his mummy deserves a medal cos I would be hiding away at a good distance.

I popped out to snap a few pics of the latest flowers in the garden yesterday while the sun was out.  My intention was to snap the weigelas on our front garden but when I got out there I was suddenly aware they were covered in bumble bees of all sizes and sorts so I've done my best to snap a few for you.  I know there are many types of bees and can say there were many different ones out there yesterday.....none of which were keen on sitting still for me to snap.

That's all my smiles for today so please leave me a little hello comment and if you can then share your own smiles by linking up below.
Annie x


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Little people and creepy crawlies are a good match, my two were like that as well! Lovely to know there were lots of bees on your weigela, we've got to look after them!
Hugs LLJ xxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I apologize for not linking this week. I am hosting my own link-up tomorrow and the only day I could show all this art I've made was today.

That beetle reminded me of a large cockroach and that is something I don't ever want to see!

I am happy to see the bees at your place. I have planted bee attracting flowers and herbs, but haven't seen a single bee in TWO years.

Have a great weekend and smiling Friday, dear Annie.

Angela Radford said...

Hi Annie, I'm not so bothered about big bugs as you can usually see them coming it's the little ones that hide and then pop out when you're not looking that bother me. Lovely photos today. Oh and we found out about the white ducks. They had been rescued so to stop them flying away the lady had the wings clipped but now they are big enough to look after themselves she has put them back in the park.
Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

Lisca Meijer said...

Sorry I’ve not blogged today. I still don’t know how to put photos on Blogger. I purposely took all my photos on my iPad so I could upload them. But Blogger had other idea. I have put some photos on Facebook so you will have seen some.
Theo’s cardigan looks lovely, although I imagine it will be too warm for these lovely days.
I don’t mind creepy crawlies especially when accompanied by keepers. They really are fascinating as long as they are not in my kitchen or bathroom.
Your flowers are truly gorgeous. We are in Holland and we wanted to visit the keukenhof, but it has closed for the season. We are too late. Oh well, we’ll be back!
Have a lovely weekend,

Twiglet said...

Lovely photos Annie - cardi number 2 is well on it's way.xx

mamapez5 said...

Hi Annie. I see there are only two link ups this week. I hope everyone is not put off by the new commenting method (needing to hunt for them every day!).
That's a lovely piece of knitting from 'Aunty Jo' and Theo looks very pleased with it.
I found most of the children in nursery were fascinated by bugs. We kept jars of stick insects in the room and let them walk on the children now and then.
Isn't it great to see so many bees on the flowers. They are dying out in many places, but by keeping the right flowers in our gardens, we can encourage them to survive.
Smiles from me to you. Kate x