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Friday, 18 May 2018

This week's smiles....week 272

The weeks seem to fly by and as always I have found some of the smiles of my week to share with you.  I like to spend a little time each week focusing on the happy moments and even on the worst weeks I always find something to smile about.

We had lots to smile about on Monday when our blogging friend Margaret called in to see us [even though my photo that I shared on Wednesday didn't show the girls smiling much].

Tuesday I had little Theo for the afternoon and that always fills my time with smiles.  He's like blotting paper at the mo, soaking up everything he hears and sees.  He can count to 10 already and can now say more words than we can keep count of.  It's so special watching him grow and brings so many memories flooding back of when his daddy was little.

These are the photos I'm sharing with you....

Theo had a sleep over with his cousins at the weekend and Shell sent me several photos to show me what a lovely time they had together......happy memories.

I'm just finishing off with a few snaps I took of the garden yesterday.....it's a riot of colour with promise of more to come in every corner at the mo so I felt I just had to capture it and share it with you.
Please leave me a little message to say you've called in and then if you can please share your smiles from the week by linking up below.
Annie x


Twiglet said...

Lovely pics and that riot of colour is wonderful! xx Jo

Lisca Meijer said...

What lovely flowers! Beautiful photos you took. So many reds! (Is that a peony in the making?)
The kiddos are fun too. Look at them having such a good time. My cousins lived several hundred km away so seeing my cousins was a once a year event. (Especially in the 50 when my parents didn't have a car)
Have a wonderful weekend,

Angela Radford said...

Hi Annie, just back from the gym. I am enjoying the lovely photos of the flowers, gorgeous colours too. The kiddies are growing fast. Theo is at that dangerous stage where they hear and repeat everything. You're so lucky to have them around so much. Thanks for the visit to mine and have a lovely weekend. Angela xXx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Seems I posted, then promptly fell asleep before I could link. Just woke to realize I hadn't been here yet.

The twins are growing quickly and Theo may be learning by example as well as deed. It's good when children have such good role models, though.

I want my garden to look this good. Right now all I have in my flower garden are weeds a few green shoots. Truly sad, unlike yours.

Are you getting excited about the royal wedding tomorrow? Have a lovely Friday and weekend.