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Friday, 27 April 2018

This week's smiles......week 269

It's not been the easiest of weeks here at Sewing by Annie's but at times like this I know that spending a little time searching out the smiles does me good so this is what I'm sharing today.....

As many of you have commented of the lovely new header on my blog I felt I just had to share our tulips in all their glory.....If those don't make you smile then I have a feeling nothing will but here's my next smile....

It looks like we have a little budding gardener in the making....little Theo is enjoying pushing his wheel barrow around his other Grandparent's garden.  What a cutie eh?

Finally I thought I'd give you a giggle with this pic.  I have had many orders for my Memory bears this week and was fast running out of stuffing.  As one of the pending orders is for possibly 21 bears I thought I'd best order double what I normally order.  Instead of 2kg  I ordered 4 kg and it arrived this week.  The bag is so compressed that I'm almost afraid to open it.  I'm imagining it bursting out and filling my sewing room.....Gives a whole new meaning to living on a cloud doesn't it?

Well I really hope I've made you smile this week. I'd really love to share your smiles too so please link yours below and brighten my week too.
Annie x


Lisca Meijer said...

Oh what lovely tulips! And orange too! The Dutch national colours! It is King's Day in the netherlands today and the whole nation will be dressed in orange and celebrating.
Lovely photo of Theo with his wheelbarrow. He is a cutie indeed.
And the stuffing is enormous. I can sort of imagine what that looks like unpacked. It will fill you whole workroom!
Have a lovely day and weekend.

Twiglet said...

Ha ha - I thought I might have a stuffing mountain to climb if I came round - at least we would have a soft landing! xx

Angela Radford said...

The tulips are lovely and so is little Theo but we simply must see you open that stuffing bag, it's the law Lol! Happy weekend, Angela xXx

mamapez5 said...

Sorry you have had a hard week.
Your tulips are beautiful. The sun has opened them just far enough. I think they are a very unusual colour.
I would love to be a fly on the wall when you open that stuffing! It is a good thing it wasn't damaged in transit. The carrier could have been in for a surprise! Kate x