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Wednesday, 26 April 2017


What a difference a week makes....Mr Mojo is back off his holidays [thankfully].

We have had a really lovely week and on Sunday we all got together to celebrate Theo's Christening....the sun shone for us too.  I will be sharing a pic or two in my Friday smiles post so please come back then if you'd like to see them....any why not link up to your own smiles at the same time because we really can not have too many smiles.

So you're here today to see my desk are you?  It's in full fabric frenzy mode so here it is in all it's glory.....

.....and not just the one desk.  When I get going it all comes out as you can see.  I decided to make a few PE bags for a craft fair I'm hoping to get a table at.  It's at the local school that the twins go to so nice and close and hopefully I can hand out a few more fliers to let folk know where I am.

Here's a few of the lined PE bags I made.  I make each one different so they can be found easily at the end of a school day and if they want I can also applique names on the front too [for an extra charge of course].

While I was surrounded by inspiring fabrics I decided to make a few lined, zipped pencil cases too....I have a bag full of zips so thought it was a good way to use some of them.

The last photo I thought I'd share is a selection of the tools of my trade. 
  • Thimble.....I'm an old school girl and still use one.
  • Measuring gauge.....handy when doing hems etc.
  • Nappy pin....I'd been using it to put the cord in the PE bags.
  • A very old bodkin needle....for threading elastic
  • Artery forceps....best tool everyone should have a pair.  I use them for stuffing my memory bears.
  • Sellotape....had it out to put on end of cord to stop in unravelling.
  • Tailor's chalk.....use that most days when shortening trousers.
  • Snippers....couldn't manage without those.....better than seam rippers for undoing seams. 
  • Sewing machine brush....I keep my machines clean.
  • Scissors.....lots of them.  They each have different jobs too.

There you go.  A little insight into my world.  Hope you enjoyed your visit.  Leave me a little message so I know you've called in and I will aim to get over to yours ASAP.  Hope you will all pop back on Friday to share my smiles and will link up and share a few of your own.
Annie x


Helen said...

you are always so busy and productive! would have loved a fancy P.E. bag like that! Helen #??

Lynn Holland said...

Mr mojo has flown back in with a vengeance yay. So nice to see.
Little Theo's christening must have been a joyous and happy day, I hope the sun came out.
You've given me an idea for shoe bags for when we go to the caravan. Much better than carrier bags. I'll use the charity find curtains. I've just used one to cover some foam to make a window seat in the bedroom. No seeing though Annie, I just wrapped it round
Lynn xx (kiss for Milly xx)

Anne said...

Hi Annie, I'm pleased your mojo is back. Love the PE bags. I need to get off the laptop and head for the shops. DH and DS'S birthdays - Friday and Sunday - cards made but need some gifts- heaven knows what for DH - so difficult. Anne x #14

Twiglet said...

Great post, full of fabric fun - love your tool kit!! Hope I can squeeze in time to post later. x

Sarah Brennan said...

Love the PE bags; always useful and an excellent idea to make them all different for ease of finding. Great to see that your mojo has returned. Sarah #15

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I'm sure the PE bags will go well, they look great! I loved looking around your tools - the artery forceps made me hoot but you're quite right, I can see how they'd be fantastic for poking stuffing into toys etc!!! Glad you're having a better week :-)
Hugs, LLJ 4 xxx

Angela Radford said...

Hi Annie. Pleased to hear you're feeling more in the mood for your crafting, it just happens sometimes. Looks like you're making up for it anyway. Thanks for the visit to mine and have a great woyww, Angela x7x

lisa said...

I'm glad the sun shone for Theo's christening, Annie. The weather hasn't been too bad lately has it, apart from these few cool days.
Love your PE bags. We still have one my MIL made for my DD at primary school. It's used for keeping all the chargers in now for all the gadgets we have these days.
Have a good week.
Hugs Lisax #17

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Annie, lovely to see your tools.The nappy pin made me smile- My Mum always used one for threading elastic! And so much productivity with all that gorgeous fabric. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #1 XxXx

Vicky Fisher said...

Love the PE bags, have a good sale, Happy WOYWW, Vicky #5

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Annie love your string pull bags and also love pencil cases too great ideas...
and yes many different scissors for different jobs .. but never used my thimble we had one but was very optional when at school.
Thanks so much for your desky share and happy WOYWW!
Shaz in Oz.x #20

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

BJ said...

Loving the tools of the trade, especially measuring gauge. I just have one I made from card as shown during my "O"-level Dress and Design - now that was a long time ago. Lovely sewing hope you get a table. BJ#23

Sharon Koole said...

Your crafting room looks fabulous with all that bright fabric hanging around. The PE bags look wonderful, so bright and colourful. I'm sure they will be a hit.

Sharon K #29

Christine said...

I still use my silver thimble bought back in the day when I was a teenager .... would hate to lose it.
Love those bright shoebags.
have a good week
Christine #19

Lindart said...

Those PE bags are so cute! I'm sure they will sell out fast! Great use for a bag of zippers, everyone needs pencil cases, even if they don't have any pencils. You do look like you have been very busy, good luck at the craft show! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #34

Sharon Madson said...

Wow! You are busy! I am glad to see you doing lots of projects, I have to say I love those buckets with your markers, scissors and other tools in them. They are just so neat! Have a great week! #35

Bubbles said...

Such bright, joyful colours!
I love your scalloped bunting - I may steal tat idea for my craft space :)

Have a Wonderful Wednesday
Bubbles #32

sandra de said...

I do like to see your sewing tools and it looks like you could be performing surgery with some of those items. I use a pair of surgical forceps that have a fine pointed tip and they are perfect for crafting. Funny what we pick up and use. Great sewing projects.
sandra de @22

Neet said...

Really enjoyed seeing the riot of colour you started off with - and then the lovely things you have been making.
Look forward to seeing the sunshine photos from Theo's christening.
Hugs, Neet 6 xx