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Friday, 7 April 2017

This week's smiles....week 215

Phew these weeks seem to be flying by and as always I'm here to share something from my week that has made me smile but firstly I want to say many thanks to those who can be relied on to link up each week to share their smiles.....I'm so grateful to each and every one of you.

I will now share the pics that have made me smile this week....

On Sunday whilst we were at the craft fayre Amy's three enjoyed several rides on the ponies....so much so we actually think they have shares in them now 😁😁😁

Little Theo is growing fast and furious as you can see and he can now roll from front to back and back to front......in fact he will be up and crawling now before we know it.....they don't stay babies for long do they?

Steve has gained the confidence now to let go and swim unaided and here he is showing off the 5m certificate he's been awarded....proud Nanny moments.  πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Here is Milly sitting on the table.....I'd just told her to get down but as you can see she's turned a deaf ear. 😁😁😁

She's such a funny little thing when it comes to food of any sort especially dental chews.  Here we have put three different ones down to see which she would chew.....and even with a bit of encouragement she really wasn't interested in any of them.....would you call her spoilt?

Here she is enjoying the sunshine....she actually hurt her one back foot and has had a day and a half walking on just three legs.  We took her to see the vet last night and he can't find much wrong with it but gave us some pain relief [and a rather large bill!!].  I'm sure it wont surprise you to hear when we returned home from the vets she decided to put her foot down again!
She never fails to make us giggle.

Well, there you go.  Those are a few of my smiles from this week.  What's had you smiling?  Please leave me a little message so I know you've called in and then link your own smiles below.
Annie x


Lisca said...

Loads of lovely smiles this week! Great photos of the children on the ponies. It's good to get them used to (larger) animals. I have always had a fear and to this day I've never been on a pony or a horse.
Gosh that baby is growing so fast. He is tall too looking at the photo.
Well done Steve gaining his 5m certificate. It's important to learn to swim.
Your Milly certainly is a 'case'. What a personality!
Have a good week and keep smiling,

JoZart Designs said...

Lovely post Annie of your gorgeous family. They really do make me smile as it always reminds me of my far away brood. Ours all ride but the 2 girls down South ride HUGE horses belonging to a family friend.
Well done to Steve and it looks lie Theo is catching up fast..... he's a little man now! Gorgeous.
My special smile goes this week to Milly as I really chuckled at her phantom foot problem and your vet bill !!
Thanks for your lovely comment and I hoe you have a great weekend.
Grand National here nearby so Liverpool is so busy. I saw a woman coming out of the local hairdressers in tracksuit bottom, trainers and a T shirt...... with her hair well coiffured and a huge feathered "fascinator" set in place. She looked so funny walking along the road on her way home!!! Shame I couldn't take a pic to post but you can easily use your imagination.
Jo x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, thanks for the visit. Your lot are definitely getting bigger. Milly had probably banged a toe nail which they often do. Stan has always had tender feet and acts quite pathetic when he knocks his toes. I also see that madam is trying to show her authority by getting the higher ground, a sign she is growing up and trying to find her place in the group, cheeky girl. Have a great weekend with lots of smiles, Angela xxx

Twiglet said...

Oh that naughty little Milly! Hope her foot is better today. Lovely pics of that fab bunch too. xx

Lynn Holland said...

Aw Milly Milly Milly how I love you and your cute ways. Little minx though with her limping haha.
What a proud nana with how your gang are coming on.
Will make a big effort to come up with some big smiles next week. Just a bit here, there and everywhere today, but all ok so no worries.
Lynn xx

Neet said...

I cannot get over Theo. What a big boy he is now, not a baby any more. That smile reminds me of your other grandsons' they all seem to have lovely smiles.
Congrats to Steve on his achievement, perhaps he can teach me to swim now.
As for Miss Milly, well, she is just behaving like any little girl by defying mummy in the first picture and she is being picky about which dental chew, if any, she wants. Who wants to clean teeth when there are other good things to be had? The last picture, if it links to the vet story - well, 'nuff said! No wonder she makes you smile.
Hugs, Neet xx

Elizabeth said...

Finally back on blogger and here Annie. Another lovely post with plenty of smiley faces and that cute Milly to give us a giggle or two too. Well done to little Theo for learning to roll and Steve with his swimming certificate - quite an achievement. Heading off to bed now but just had to pop in before I call it a day. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Hugs, Ellie xx