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Friday, 13 January 2017

This week's smiles...week 203

Here we are at another round up of the week's smiles.  Many thanks to those who joined in the fun last week.....I really do appreciate all the effort.

For those that read my blog on Wednesday you will know that it's been one of those week of trials for me....the repairs on my overlocker are now done but what was quoted to me as £89 ended up being £113!!! [another £50 and I could have bought a new machine!!] and several of my other machines seemed to have it in for me too....
  • one refused to sew at one point
  • kept breaking the thread 
  • I broke 2 needles while shortening a pair of jeans and
  •  it even chewed up the thread while I was winding a bobbin!!! 
so I did contemplate hybernation at one point. 😁😁😁😁

It's for weeks like this that focussing on the smiles works like a tonic and I have lots to smile about....I'm alive for one 😀😀😀😀😀 So here's a few of my smiles so you can share them too...

Phoebe, Lulu, Sam and Lexi have swimming lessons and they seem to have brought back the rule to wear swimming caps.  We used to have to wear them when I was a child and it really made me chuckle this week when they sent pics to me of them trying them out.  I remember just how tricky it was to get them in place and as you can see it takes a little practise to get it right.

We really enjoyed watching the animal cameras on Spy in the Wild on BBC1 last night and had a good chuckle at Milly's interest too.

For those that saw the fabrics I was playing with on Wednesday I am sharing the, now finished cover I've made for my new diary.  I really enjoyed creating the crazy patchwork and machine embroidered to quilt it before finishing the cover.....and of course I'm now smiling at it every time I use it.

I hope you've enjoyed my catch up of smiles and will leave me a little comment before linking your smiles too.
Annie x


Helen said...

eek that's an expense you don't need right after Christmas... but on the plus side, the patchwork cover is beautiful, and your littlies in their swimming caps look so cute!

Angela Radford said...

Hi Annie, I'm sorry to hear about the machines but can't help feeling that a lady as experienced as you should have known these things might happen Lol! but.... on the other hand I have done all these things myself in the past which is why I often didn't get away from school until late in the evening because I had a sewing machine in lots of pieces (schools never have enough money to get them fixed so I had to learn how to do them myself). Denim jeans are something else but I have a system for those! You little ones look so sweet and it's great to see them having so much fun. Better go as the internet is behaving but may not last. Too much snow today so may go for a walk then catch the bus back or maybe do some crafty stuff. Happy Friday, Angela xXx

Neet said...

Well the grandees in their swim caps certainly made me smile. I love how Lexi is posing in her outfit, I think that one is going to be a model when she grows up.
Love the picture of Milly too, not quite sure what is attracting her interest but it certainly is something. Bet you had a chuckle over that.
Lastly had a nice smile over the cover you made, certainly a thing of beauty and what lovely bright colours, they work so well together.
Think we will gloss over the sewing bit you reported on, want to push that to the back of our minds. All too often we have periods like that so let's keep smiling instead.
Hugs, Neet 2 xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I created a simple cover a couple of months ago, and broke two needles within a few hours of each other. So, I can relate to at least a part of what you went through. I do think the "estimate" should have been a bit more realistic to the final price, though.

I do think the grandees and their swim caps are something to smile about. They are truly adorable in those swim caps.

Milly had me chuckling. It's amazing what piques their interest.

Those fabrics are wonderful for the new cover. I especially like the colors you chose.

So glad you keep smiling. It's wonderful to be able to keep your sense of humor during stressful times. Happy Friday and weekend, too.

Twiglet said...

Lots of happy smiles there Annie. Yes I enjoyed the spy cameras last night - nature never ceases to amaze me. xx Jo

Lisca Meijer said...

Oh dear! Keep smiling dear Annie. When things like that happen my hubby and I say to each other: it's only money. Meaning that the most important things in life (love, family, health etc) are not compromised by these financial setbacks. But I agree, the repairman should have phoned you to say it was going to cost a bit more and then you could decide whether to go ahead.
Swimming caps. Yes, what a scream. Your grandies look quite proud of them actually. I remember having to use a swimming cap and they are difficult to put on as I remember. (I had long hair as a girl).
I smiled at Millie looking at the animal program on TV.
I love the crazy fabric cover. The colours are so vibrant and the material beautiful. That would brighten up my day if I had a diary cover like that. Well done you.
I'm surprised at the Ebay customer not paying. I used to sell lots on Ebay before moving to Spain (got rid of loads of stuff) and never had a problem. Having said that I always waited until payment was made before parting with it.
Have a good week and keep smiling!

mamapez5 said...

My boys swam in Oswestry Otters and they had to wear caps. It is not a bad idea for everyone to do so as there are a lot of chemicals in the water. Also the girls long hair can give them big problems with blocked filters etc. I hope they are enjoying their lessons. It is such a good thing for them to be able to swim. My lot had so much fun in the pools on holiday, and I knew they could handle themselves in the water.
Sorry about your machines. I hope they get them sorted for you.
Milly was really taking an interest in the TV. Ours never look at it, but they don't like if there is barking dog on there.
I am glad you still found something to smile about despite the frustrations.
Hopefully this week will be better. Kate x

Michelle Reed said...

Love the kiddos in their bathing caps. I remember having to wear one when I was little and it used to drive me nuts :-)
Milly looks so cute standing up whatching the tv. If my dog did that the whole tv would be over on the floor.
Have a wonderful week!

Lynn Holland said...

We know the preciousness of your pics this week Annie don't we, including Milly xxx