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Friday, 6 January 2017

This week's smiles....week 202

Another week has flown past and I'm grabbing a few minutes from a very busy day to type this post up so I will say thank you to all who joined in last week and just quickly share a few smiles and add Mr Linky at the bottom on the page.....I've had a really lovely day catching up with my crafty buddy Jacquie today and we were joined by that big sister of mine this afternoon [Tues] so will make no apologies for being brief.....life is to be enjoyed and trust me when I say we have done a lot of smiling to all be together today.

For Christmas we bought the five older grandchildren something creative/crafty each and here are the pics to show you that they all enjoyed their gifts....and seeing them all using their time well never fails to make me smile....

Phoebe had a sewing kit to make little hearts in fabrics and decorate them with bows and buttons and you can see she is proudly showing off the first she completed.

Lulu had some plastic canvasses to do cross stitch on and here she is proudly showing the picture she made with the first one.

Steve and Sam had kits about dinosaurs and both really enjoyed excavating their own dinosaurs from a block of plaster

Lexi had a craft kit with adult colouring books and art materials in it and she has had lots of fun using it all....children's colouring books are just too easy for this one, she loves really complex pages when it comes to colouring.

As you can imagine I get a lot of pleasure seeing my grandchildren being creative and I hope they have made you smile too.  Thanks for calling by.  Please leave me a little message so I know you've called in and if you can then please link up your own smiles below.
Annie x


Helen said...

such happy little faces - what a great set of gifts they all had!

Lisca Meijer said...

I'm pleased you had some catch-up time with your craft friend Jacqui. Did you chat, chat, chat? or did you make something too?
Annie, I love seeing your grandies but I do mis seeing things that you have made in your sewing room. Is your business going OK?
But as I said, I love seeing your grandies grow.
Clever Lexi to do those complex colouring pages. Looking at what is visisble on the photo she is doing a really fab job.
And most bnoys like dinosaurs as well as getting messy, so they are having fun with those for sure.
Phoebe obviously has inherited the sewing bug from someone.... and Lulu has done really well embroidering that. I like her 'halo' or whatever it is (Photoshop?)
Happy new Year and have a good week,

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Those pics are lovely! I bet they got a real sense of achievement doing this crafts 😃

Angela Radford said...

Hi Annie, it's brilliant to see the children so engrossed in their crafting and what great results. You asked about where I keep my finished projects, some of the stuff I have to admit ends up in boxes which is a great shame but I also have others around the house and swap them over occasionally for the boxed ones. The shrines are all on the shelves above my desk but I am threatening my friends that they may be getting some of my makes as birthday presents otherwise I will need expanding walls! I find it difficult to let things go unless I know it's going to someone who will love it. Have a great weekend and happy crafting, Angela xXx

mamapez5 said...

How lovely to see the children so busy and happy. They obviously all enjoy their crafting and it is good to see so many different things being done. They look so pleased with their achievements too.
It is nice to hear you have had a happier week. It is good to meet up with friends and it sounds as though you had fun on one another's company.
Happy New Year to you. Kate x

Michelle Reed said...

Happy New Year Annie!
It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas and the kiddos look so happy with their crafty goodies.
Have a happy and healthy New Year!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I had intended to stop by this week, but computer woes got in the way and time slipped by. Before I knew it, it was Saturday. Loved the photos you shared of the grandees. They are growing so fast. Lexi's coloring skills are amazing. Color me impressed.

Hope your new year was blissful, safe, and stress free!

Weekend-Windup said...

WOW! They are enjoying their time:)

Neet said...

Lovely to see the little ones being encouraged to be creative. How I wish my friend's little one (9 is not so little) was a bit more creative and could colour like Lexi, or even a bit like her.
Hugs, Neet xx