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Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Hello all.  Here we are again catching up with all our creative friends around the world.  It's my fav day of the week because I really love seeing what you're all up to....basically I'm just a really nosey person hehehe.

I have had a busy week with customers sewing this week. everything from...
  • Wedding dress fittings....she looked amazing and it fitted to perfection. :-)
  • Shortening 2 lined long dresses for Christmas parties
  • Shortening new jeans for a lady who has lost over 2 stone and looked amazing in her new clothes
  • Shortening nurses work uniform dresses....took off  9"! I have no idea who they make these dresses for because she was an average height lady.
  • Shortening the lining in a lady's fur coat....by near 3"!  How can manufacturers get things so very wrong?

There you go.....a full rail, sewing now all done and just waiting for collection. :-)

The other thing I'm sharing is little Sylvanian bear [just over 3" tall!] modelling one of the little knitted numbers I've been knitting this week....they will be the best dressed Sylvanians in the area.  Jo and I worked out the pattern for the little gilet....it's pretty simple if anyone wants to knit some so give me a shout for the pattern.....I've even knitted some for the 'children' Sylvanians [only 2"tall!]. 

I'm finishing off by sharing my beautiful flowers sent to me by Amy and family to help me through some difficult weeks.....thanks darling I love you lots. xxx

They were far too gorgeous to keep them all to myself so hope they have made you smile too.
Annie x


Anne said...

Hello Annie and thank you for popping by. You are so busy as ever. Love the little gilet :-)
The flowers are beautiful and I'm sorry to hear that you are having a tough time and I hope life improves for you. Anne x #19

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Gorgeous flowers, that was a lovely thought - sending you hugs because i know times have been tough recently. Xxxxxxx
I don't know how you've got the patience to knit for Sylvanian bears...did you use 1mm needles or something! I don't think my fat fingers would let me....
Hugs, LLJ 8 xxx

Neet said...

What beautiful flowers, and what a beautiful thought. You are so lucky to have such a thoughtful person in your life.
Spencer has got a hooded fleece, probably not going to last him much longer but as he rarely uses it these days it will certainly see him to America and back this year. The only problem is he has a new girlfriend and she is naked! From your description of the gilet I am sure it would fit her so if you would be so kind as to send me the pattern I think I might be able to make her one. It's a long time since I did any knitting but I think somewhere between Christmas and New Year she could find herself with something in her wardrobe (or Spencer's trunk) that will keep her warm until she gets to California.
Hugs, Neet 2 xx
ps could I have the bob hat pattern as well please or is that being a bit too cheeky?

Kathyk said...

Adorable makes and fab pix



Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Annie, it's crazy how clothes can be made to such silly dimensions! Lovely flowers, gorgeous reds. Have a lovely week,Hugs,Shaz #10 xxx

sandra de said...

The flowers are beautiful and it looks like you have had a very busy week with all those sewing projects.
sandra de @24

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Adorable little bear outfit..And your flowers are lovely. Wish you were closer, we could have a day to refresh ourselves over some good food and drink. Thanks for the visit. Enjoy a lovely week.

Sharon Koole said...

Beautiful flowers. It's lovely to receive such a pick-me-up during difficult times. Sounds like you've been ultra-busy with the making and alterations. Your bear is beautiful.

Sharon K #33

Twiglet said...

Fab post Annie - keep smiling - you are the best!! xxx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow! It's good to be busy but that list is quite a large one! Love the little outfit for your bear! Lovely to see that your family are cheering you up with those beautiful flowers! Hugs, Chrisx 27

Helen said...

what a lot on your rail! the flowers are gorgeous, I am sure they cheered you up loads.... Helen #1

Angela Radford said...

It's so good to see you busy, great photos and pleased the wedding dress turned out good though I knew it would. Done my good deed for the day and went and fixed a friend's sewing machine, so pleased she didn't start messing with it or it would have made even more work to get it sewing properly. Thanks for the visit to mine, have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela X 17

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

You have been busy Annie, and such cute pickie of your grandee having his first swim, a real little water baby, eh?! So cute, as is your little pup, adorable. Clever Sylvanian knitting too.
Thanks for sharing,
Shaz in Oz.x

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, I'm late, again! It's been a really busy week. I keep saying that every week so they must all be busy. Anyway, love post, as usual. Enjoyed your comments on the length of the nursing uniform and the fur coat lining :) The little bear is just the cutest thing and his wee knitted outfit is delightful - you are so clever. The flowers are stunning so thanks for sharing. Hugs, Ellie x #39

Morti said...

I learned to knit when I was 9, with Paton's patterns for Sindy. One of the jumpers was a cable knit sweater, and every time I knit cable now, I'm transported back to my childhood and learning the skill.... Such a cute idea to make for Sylvanian families!

Hope your week is proving better (and the flowers have lasted!)

Morti @35