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Friday, 4 November 2016

Thie week's smiles...week 194

Here we are at another catch up with our weekly smiles.  Firstly I must say a big thank you for all the effort that is put in by everyone who plays the game and shares their smiles.  Then I am going to say that this week it's going to be a quick post from me cos I am feeling pretty rubbish.  I've got the head cold of all head colds...streaming nose and eyes, ear ache and giddiness and generally feeling ****.

Even through all that I still have smiles to share...

Little Theo, who's also full up with a streaming cold can still find smiles for us so what have I got to moan about?

My little buddy Milly has the most cosy bed but as you can see she lies out of it more than in it.....just to get closer to me. :-)  She really is a blessing and is such good company......

....even  when she chooses to snuggle up in my box of felt.  I guess it's warm and cosy in there and it stops me getting to what I need to do more sewing.  :-)

There you go.  Those are my smiles for this week.  I really hope I feel like making more effort by next week but until then please leave me a little comment and link your smiles below....trust me when I say I need some smiles this week.
Hugs, Annie x


Robyn Oliver said...

Happy Friday and a huge get well hug Annie.... got nice when you're feeling full up, so best do as Milly and curl up cozy and get some rest. Theo is just so gorgeous, you want to squeeze him, a happy little man. Well hope you're on the mend soon and try to enjoy your weekend Cheers Robyn

Lynn Holland said...

I hope you and Theo are soon on the mend Annie. I'm sure little Milly will be a good dose of medicine for you.
Stay warm and cosy
Lynn X X X

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, sorry to hear you are feeling so rubbish today. Still you have plenty of reasons to smile which will help you through it. It's a funny thing but my Maisie often sleeps on her cushion like that with her head hanging and Stan does the same on the sofa. It looks quite uncomfortable but they seem to like it so maybe it's a dog thing. Off to the Gym now though I would sooner be crafting! Have a great weekend, Angela x

Lisca said...

Oh gosh, how horrible! I hope this cold soon passes. Thank you for wearing a mask, I don't want to catch it. Luckily I don't get many colds as I am not around many children. I do hope you soon feel better.
Little Millie is gorgeous as usual and Theo, if you don't mind me saying so: I could eat him!
Get well soon!

Laura said...

Gorgeous little things - both fur and human!
Hope you feel better soon x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, sorry to hear you are feeling so grim. Hope you make a speedy recovery. Little Theo has the most delightful smile and Milly is quite the little character. So lots to smile about even when you are feeling so low. Sending you lots of cyber hugs - not quite as good as the real thing but the best I can do in the circumstances. Take care and have a restful weekend. Ellie xx

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh Annie, head colds are the worst..Hot ginger tea a hot steamy bath and warm blankets. It is the season. Little Theo looks so happy, what a joy Milly looks like she's having a sleep like I did last night, trying to keep warm and be combortable. So hope you have a good weekend Annie. Thanks for hosting.

mamapez5 said...

I hope you are feeling better next week Annie. I have brought a cold home from holiday too, which is unusual for me, so I am hoping a bit of Spanish sunshine will clear it up fast.
Little Theo is a lovely smiler, and I just love the photo of Millie in the felt box. My cats never use their own beds, but are usually curled up on my current knitting project.
Kate x

Twiglet said...

How did I miss this one - what a fab smiley pic of Theo!! xx