Friday, 25 November 2016

This week's smiles....week 197

Happy Friday to one and all.  Here we are at our weekly catch up with our friends to share our smiles.  If you don't have smiles of your own to share then it's OK just to share ours....we all need a smile from time to time to make life happier.  Life has a way of challenging us and as the saying goes...'what doesn't kill us makes us stronger'.

I would like to thank all who joined in last week and I would like to feature Kay's blog.  She has recently moved into her new home and has shared a photo of her new neighbour....all I can say is wow!  I would really love to see that when I looked out of my window.  Thanks for sharing Kay and I wish you many happy years in your new abode.

I have a couple of smiles to share with you today.  It was Children in Need last Friday as you will know and my little Grandees paid to dress up for their day in school to raise money.

Phoebe, Lulu and Steve had a spotty day at their school so went dressed in t shirts they had decorated a few extra spots on their faces. :-)

Lexi and Sam had a onesie / pyjama day.....what fun.

I hope you have enjoyed my pics for this week.  Please leave me a little message to let me know you've called in and if you have smiles of your own to share then link them below.
Annie x


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh lovely dress ups, Annie what fun indeed, we had dress ups when we were young but crepe paper and mums sewing machine were the main tools, she made some amazing outfits, make me smile thinking of them. 😄
Happy Smiles Day, Annie!

Shaz in Oz.x

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Robyn Oliver said...

Happy Friday Annie, oh what fun for the kids -dressing up is an all time favourite I think, even the very little ones...but for school that's even better...great idea to have a theme, the older ones decorating their own shirts so special. Have a fabulous weekend, hugs Robyn

Lisca said...

Kids love dressing up! And when they can go to school dressed up, even better! How cool that they painted their own t-shirts.
A pyjama day is good too. I like to have one too every now and then....
Keep smiling!

JoZart Designs said...

Thanks for popping in on my blog and I am thrilled you made the "item" from my blog.Look forward to seeing it. I have added a pic and joined in to Friday Smile for the first time in ages. I've been away so much, DD1 was married in Sept, I've been decorating and doing so much so something had to give. I am really smiling this week at the thought of seeing part of my family in Germany soon and I love to see your Munchkins and the happiness your family gives you.
Lots of love Jo x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, bit late as I'm just back from the gym but here now. Lovely to see the kids having such a good time , they look great and for such a good cause too. Hope you have a great Friday with lots more smiles. Angela xXx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, your post certainly does make me smile. The children in their spotty tee-shirts look as pleased as punch with their spotty faces and the twins in their onesies look adorable. Children In Need is not just a worthy cause but also a fun day for the whole country ... and we could do with a few more of them, methinks. Have a wonderful weekend. Ellie xx

mamapez5 said...

I love the spotty tee-shirts and they look so proud of their handiwork. It is good the children are encouraged to join in with the charity days, though I am always a bit sad that it takes such an extravaganza before some people think to give. I am sure they all had a lovely day though and it is very good cause. Kate x

Lynn Holland said...

Just popped in to say hello. Went to see Joshua last Sunday, it's so so sad. Seeing your little darlings has given me a smile Annie.
Hope you are ok xxx