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Friday, 22 July 2016

This week's smiles....week 179

Hello all.  Another week has flown by and here we are at another happy catch up of the week.  I would like to say a huge thank you to all who joined in by sharing their smiles for the week....I for one benefitted from the smiles a lot. 

I am featuring Kate's blog from last week.  She links up every week with a little of her life over in Spain and all the festivities that goes with it.....I love my visits over to her blog every week and she really had me chuckling this last week. Thanks for all your efforts Kate.

Now for what's been keeping me smiling this week.....here is a multiple of Milly snaps and I dare you to not be smiling by the end of them.

'Oh Mum! Dad says cos I went out in the rain I need a towel dry.  If I put my paws together and pray hard will the rain stop?'

'So Mum which material would look best on that eye spy quilt you're making?'

'Bird? What's a bird Mum?'

'So I've got my seat belt on in the car and I've got my fav little brown dog with me.......what is this garden centre place we are going to?'

 'I really enjoyed our day out at the garden centre....everyone made such a fuss of me'

'Look Mum, I'm helping Dad plant the new plants we bought at the garden centre'

'Dad says the new plants need watering so I'm helping him with the hosepipe'

 'After a busy, hot day it's so lovely so stretch out on this cold hearth Mum'.

As you can see our little Milly is a real character.....we love her to bits and she has brought so many smiles into our lives.

Please leave me a little message to let me know you've called in and if you can please share your own smiles by linking up below.
Annie x



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It just goes to show that Milly is already camera ready. What an adorable post featuring her. You are right. I was smiling by the end f the post, but I was also smiling at that gorgeous back yard you have turned into a gem and an oasis.

tilly said...

love the pics of Milly, yes, they did make me smile
Tilly x

Angela Radford said...

It looks like it's dog day today Lol! Your Milly is gorgeous, who wouldn't manage a smile at that lovely girl and Maisie sends big hugs. Love from me too, Angela xxx

Julia Dunnit said...

Just love these pics of Milly, and hey, your garden is looking absolutely luscious! Obviously I'm playing WOYWW catch up...and a bit distressed to hear that life was difficult for you, you need not worry about the visits in such times, I can confirm that Deskers are incredibly understanding!

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie, you really are getting so much joy out of having Milly in your lives - she's very cute - lots of smiles from me. Have a wonderful week Hugs Robyn

JoZart Quilts said...

Milly is so adorable and how I wish I had a little furry babe at home just like her. We travel so much it just wouldn't be wise to get another pet at this stage of our lives but I miss our Ziggy so much.
Life has been so hectic of late so I'm glad I managed to post today but I just had to record a very special day.
Lots of love from Jo x

Lisca Meijer said...

I really enjoyed reading about Milly. She is so adorable! She certainly did bring a smile to my face.Keep them coming!
Have a smiley week,

Laura said...

Oh she does look like an entertainer! Very cute

Twiglet said...

She is a cutie and I know she loves me too!! x

Lynn Holland said...

I am laughing so much at little Miss Milly but even more at your story telling, its just like mine haha
Happy weekend everyone. Lots of love Lynn and Philip xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

The pic of Milly attacking the hose pipe made me hoot! She's such a star 😊💖😊💖😊
Hugs, LLJ xxx

mamapez5 said...

Your little Milly really is such a sweetie. She is so obviously a part of the family, so involved in all you are doing. She has grown a lot already - she looks older even if she isn't much bigger.
Hugs Kate x
P.S. Thanks for the thumbs up for my blog this week x

lilian said...

i could see the heart, what a lovely little dog, Great quilt well done,

Lilian B#18