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Friday, 8 July 2016

This week's smiles....week 177

Here we are at another catch up with the week's smiles. I really feel the benefit of looking back at the week and focusing on everything that's made me smile and hope that a little bit of happiness spreads to all who call in.

Many thanks to those who joined in last week by linking up their smiles too.  I am featuring Lisca's blog from last week....the pizza making looked real fun and I think Lisca's face in the jacuzzi says it all....thanks for sharing Lisca.

My smiles have been many and I have a few photos to share with your this week...

Here's little Steve posing in front of an aeroplane during a visit to Cosford this week....isn't he gorgeous?  Can't you just tell he's enjoying his visit?

His two clever big sisters have now achieved their water skills grade one certificate and they tell me they will be bringing me more badges to sew onto the swimming bags I made for them.....I'm such a proud Nanny.

Doesn't a rainbow always make you smile?  It does me and this one was simply stunning.

Of course my smiles wouldn't be complete without a snap of this little one....here she is looking after the strawberries [the ones she hasn't nibbled that is!].  She has changed already in the last 2 1/2 weeks.  She's much more confident now and is happy to explore the garden alone....as long as I'm not too far away :-)

Those are my smiles for this week.  Please leave me a comment if you've called in and share your smiles by linking up below.....everyone is welcome to join in...the more the merrier.
Annie x


Twiglet said...

Lovely photos - what a happy bunch. x

Lisca Meijer said...

Aw, thank you for featuring me! Yes, that jacuzzi was really fab!
Your little grandies are looking so full of fun! Steve looks like he is enjoying himself and the girls are clearly very proud of their water skills. Well done girls! (such an important step towards learning to swim)
Oh your little dog has grown so much! And changed! Bless her! Strange that she nibbles leaves... our cat nibbles the mint we have been given. Very strange...
Have a great week,

Angela Radford said...

Your grand kids are growing so quickly and so is Millie, she's like a proper little dog now. I had to smile when you mentioned Millie had nibbled the strawberries. My girl dog loves them and will pull them off the plant whilst I'm picking them, she has had a telling off quite often! Rainbows are a true gift of nature. I often wonder what early man must have thought when they first saw them. Pleased you enjoyed my little story. I'm off to the craft show at the Doncaster Racecourse tomorrow, hope your weekend is good too.
Big hugs, Angela x

Laura said...

Well, I love all your smiles this week!
And I agree with you on Lisca's pizza photo - made me want to have a try!

Neet said...

Lovely smiles Annie. Who could fail to smile when they look at that photo of Steve, obvious he is having a brilliant time. Then the two little girls with their certificates bring about another smile- well done girls!
The rainbow is lovely and, as you so rightly say, makes one smile - also try to find the end for the pot of gold, and finally Milly. Yes, she is coming along and has just about the cutest face. Love her.
Hugs, Neet xx

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie, lots of happiness at your place this week. No matter what the gk always bring a smiles, Stevie is enjoying himself and the girls proud as punch with they swimming certs. Can't believe how quickly Millie is growing, she's so cute. Just love a rainbow always... now have a fabulous weekend hugs Robyn

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

How proud the girls are of their certificate! It's nice that kids get badges when they achieve a goal. Millie is adorable! So glad she's getting more confident in her new home!


mamapez5 said...

Your grandchildren are a delight. Well done to the 'water babies'.
What a stunning rainbow.
Millie has changed a lot and she is so cute.
Have another week of fun with her.
Kate x

Lynn Holland said...

It's so lovely to see your Friday smiles each week and we now have the added bonus of little Milly.
Have a lovely weekend dear Annie
Lynn xx

dmgarafalo said...

Beautiful grandchildren, you should be proud! I had time to post, but not make the rounds til now. donna #34