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Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Here we are at another 'best day of the week' for me.  Wednesday gives us all the chance to catch up with our creative friends in all corners of the world by linking up with them at the Stamping Ground with Julia.   If you don't know what I'm talking about then I really don't know where you have been for the past 5 years but please click on the link and pop over to check us out.

This week has been another hectic on for me and I've lots to show you...

Firstly I must show you an ATC that has arrived this week...It was a little late arriving but it was well worth the wait...Thank you so much Rachel I love it and the little card it came with. x
I met a new customer this last week who needed 5 pair of trousers shortening.  When he arrived he explained he had lost his wife recently.  She had been a big sewer and he had lots of material to find homes for...'Was I interested'?
Of course I was interested!!!  and when he came to collect his trousers this is what he arrived with.  I truly felt Christmas had come early.  I promised it would all be put to good use and he said when I have finished with this bag full there was lots more I could have....of course it will be shared with that much older sister of mine and Monday was spent oooing and awwwing over it all.

In the bag was this piece of fabric and the moment I saw it I just knew what needed to be done with it.  Shell had mentioned she was needing some fabric to make curtains for the twin's Wendy house windows with.

Of course this was the perfect fabric and not only the perfect colour/pattern but it was as if it had arrived just to do this job with cos there was exactly the right amount to make the 4 pair of little curtains but enough to make a matching tablecloth with.....he works in mysterious ways!

In the bottom of the bag were these little treasures too....I love little wooden cotton reels and can almost sense the history that came with them when I hold them.

This picture shows you more of my week...
  • the now completed 2 pair of curtains and curtain tie backs
  • The rail full of wedding/bridesmaids dresses....8 dresses now completed and the last two are being fitted this Sunday.
......and if you look closely in the bottom right of the picture you will see the other real treasure the new customer brought me this week...
It's a brand new sewing machine that he bought his wife just before she died.  He brought it for me to try to see if I'm interested in buying it.....It is a top of the range Bernina and comes with lots of extras too.

I've had a play with it here as you can see.  It sews like a dream.

Do I want to buy it?

Do you need to ask?

It's far too good a machine to miss up on the opportunity so yes it will be my new 'toy' and I will be setting it up in the sewing room at our new home when we get there.

So there you go...has it been a good week here?.....You bet it has.  
Do I have news on the move?....No not yet.  We are still playing the waiting game.
Will I be over to yours to say hello?...Not til later today as I have swapped my usual twinnie days and will have my little visitors here today and tomorrow [and they no longer have a day time nap so they will be full days] and I will also have that big sister of mine here for two days to help out so I can keep my shop open for dropping off and collecting sewing....will be playing catch up again with it all on Friday this week!  :-)

Thanks for calling by.
Annie x


Helen said...

Great bag of fabrics and goodies - the new machine looks as if it will be fun, love that sample stitching you showed. Have a good twinnie day! Helen 2

Twiglet said...

Fab post - see you soon!

Neet said...

Oh, that fabric for the curtains is perfect. How exciting it must have been to open up that bag and find all that gorgeousness. Love the cotton reels.
As for the sewing machine - I am saying nothing! (Bargain or what?)
Hugs, and hope the move is soon.
Neet xx 10 (I think)

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie...what can I say....WHAT A WEEK, for you. I know you'll enjoy that wonderful bag of fabric AND a new Bernina, sigh!! Went to a local craft expo on the weekend and saw some dumfing first hand. Happy WOYWW and have a super week RobynO#8

Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh, it won't be long before the twins will need 'Sewing by Annie' aprons and will be meeting and taking orders from your customers themselves. Providence that the chap should visit you - no better a way for him to let go of his wife's hobby than give it to someone who will genuinely and lovingly make the most of it. The new machine will be a great working asset. (Do you like that..I said it all posh like that to help you logicalise your 'need' for it..)

Anne said...

Hi Annie what a week indeed - I think it's lovely that man ' found you ' I'm sure it will comfort him and you so deserve it! I can only dream of such a machine! I only have two more weeks of looking after my little munchkin on two afternoons a week. I'm sure though that's not the end of our babysitting days :-) Anne x #32

Gillian Pearce said...

What a wonderful week you've had. That sewing machine looks fabulous. It must make be a great comfort for your customer, knowing it's going to a good home. Not to mention all that lovely fabric and cotton reels.
Looks lsike you've got a lovely creative week ahead of you.
Hope it's fun
Gillian #28

glitterandglue said...

Busy, busy, Annie. What a delightful treat - all that yummy fabric. And a new sewing machine!!! A real find surprise there.
Have a wonderful week, and I trust it won't be long before you have good news for us all on your move.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #9

Laura said...

Just debating with myself which I'd prefer - the gorgeous reels or the sewing machine... I'm plumping for the reels at the moment, just to look at and smile over!

cockney blonde said...

What an amazing bag and box of goodies you've received this week. I bet he was so pleased there was someone who could make good use out of everything. As for the material for the Wendy house, as you say 'perfect', x

Jan Ltc said...

Happy WOYWW great space TFS xx Jan (45)

Hettie said...

You Lucky Lucky Girl. I am so envious. Love that fabric.
I have been told that my machine is going to have to go to the craft room in the sky. It needs new motherboard, needle plate and good service. All this comes to nearly what I paid for it. Going to hobble along until we come back from hols.
Mistimed as usual.

Nan G said...

Wow nice customer. And a new machine to boot! Love the fabric for the small curtains. Have fun with the Twinnies, as usual. ;) Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #53

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, so nice to catch up, though disappointed to here that you are still playing a waiting game, but what a great week you have had otherwise. All that lovely fabric and the machine - what more could a sewer ask for :) Happy WOYWW and thanks for sharing. Elizabeth x #47

JoZart said...

lots of ooohs and aaaahs today in your post. It was meant to be that you met that lovely man and it will ease his grief to pass on all that fabric and to have you buy his wife's new machine.
Love the toadstool fabric for the Wendy House and the cotton reels are fantastic. Shame they don't make them like that any more.
Lots of love Jo x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie. How fortunate the man ended up on your doorstep. That is a huge bag of fabric and to think that he has more is great. I know you'll make good use of it. I don't think we can find wooden spools of thread here in the states any longehave you received my ATC yet?
Kay (60)

Caro said...

What a wonderful week full of wonderful things. I bet you and Jo had a fun time with that amazing bag of goodies and I love that there was the perfect amount of the perfect material for the twins wendy house! Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#38)

pearshapedcrafting said...

How brilliant that the new customer found you! Looks as though you will be having fun on non-twin days! Chrisx 75

Angela Radford said...

You look as busy as usual.
I bet the man who gave you the bag of material will be really happy that he has found someone who will love the fabric as much as his wife did. I often used to get gifts like that when I was teaching. The fact that they know it is going to someone who will really appreciates it can mean an awful lot to them.
Happy crafting and have a good week, Angela x #48

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oooooh Annie am I ever thrilled for you a real blessing after some rough times. Feeling much and praying for rhat dear man in his sad loss.
It will be a great comfort to him to have someone who will appreciate it using her beloved machine and using her fabric treasures.
God bless you in move etc Annie and that dear man too. Shaz in Oz x #4

Mrs.D said...

Annie, very late visiting but oh those materials and you are one lucky lady getting a Bernina sewing machine. I just love mine but it is getting a bit long in the tooth, so a new one must be like christmas and birthday all rolled into one.
Have fun with all those toys.