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Friday, 6 June 2014

This week's smiles....week 72

Here we are at yet another Friday when I share my smiles for the week and allow you to link up your smiles so we can all share a little happiness with our blogging friends.  Thank you to all of those that joined in again last week and although she featured in last week's post I am featuring that much older sister of mine's post from last week cos she shared her 'great tits' with us [it's a family failing!!].  We both really love our birds and both have wicked senses of humour so I have to admit it did make me chuckle at the though of some guy searching for great tits on the web and coming across her photos of the bird in the bird bath :-)  Thanks Jo...love you to bits x

This week I am sharing some really good news in that after a very long wait we hope to have real movement on the house scene.  Our buyers have now managed to sort out their mortgage so it's all stations go....of course it will only move at the speed the estate agents and solicitors will move at but trust me when I say I will drive them on :-)

My happy snaps are.....

This one of the twinnies in their personalised cars...what cool dudes they look eh?

And a huge thank you to their Aunty Amy and Uncle Dave for the printed number plates :-)

Also this very explicit drawing Phoebe did of her Mummy, Daddy and little brother romping nude in a field in the sunshine.  What a giggle.  Amy says she was thankful she did the drawing at home and not at school cos she really didn't want anyone thinking this was what they actually do!!!  

Of course I say there is never smoke without fire :-)  .....that is unless we are talking about a child with a very vivid imagination of course.  :-)

Well There you go...I've shown you my smiles for this week....now show me yours.....please.

Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Those license plates are TO DIE FOR. Simply fantastic.

I always appreciate children's art. I agree that they have very vivid imaginations, and they aren't prejudiced by people telling them their art isn't good enough.

Have a lovely weekend, and a beautiful D-Day.

tilly said...

a lovely picture of Mum and Dad !!!
Page 3 of the sun ??? lol...hope the house moves fast

Chrysalis said...

Hi Annie - What a brill idea to have personalised number plates! No arguing over whose car is whose. I love the drawing, too. I've used your lovely card with the beautiful ATC, for a project - look out for it on Wednesday (if it's finished!) Have a wonderful weekend - I hope this weather holds. Hugs, Chris X

Chrysalis said...

PS I forgot to say 'well done' on the house progress! xx

Laura said...

Hilarious drawing! Little ones are so funny, aren't they?!
Come on EAs and solicitors - let's get this move moving! :)

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh a cute post. I remember those little cars from my sons adventures! Have a fun weekend and Enjoy a bit of the great outdoors

JoZart said...

Great smiles all round from you! I'm not even crossing my fingers for the house situation... it WILL work out this time!
Those two munchkins look so cool in the personalised limos and as for the artwork.... WELL.. 'nuff said!!!
Have a great weekend,
love Jo x

Super Stamp Girl said...

Hi Annie, I missed last week's smile about the entire "great tits/bird stories." Sounds like I really missed quite a hoot! I'm loving the license plates on the twins cars! It was the first thing I noticed, because I was thinking, hey my little car growing up didn't have one of those! Happy Friday!

Caro said...

I love the personalised number plates, but Phoebe's explicit drawing made me laugh a lot! Thanks for the smiles. Caro x (#8)

Twiglet said...

Very imaginative Phoebe!! x

mamapez5 said...

My Ben had one of those cars too, and they all had so much fun in it. It gave years of service with the children that I minded, and then went on to be used at my nursery. I love the number plates, and the two smiling drivers!.
Phoebe's drawing is great. I've seen a few like that at nursery, but they are children of our time, and nudity is no longer taboo. Let her imagination take flight. I am glad she enjoys drawing. Kate xx

cockney blonde said...

Great news on the house front. Keeping everything crossed for you, x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, I'm late, as ever, but when the weather is good I'm out in the garden and when it's bad, like today, I can catch up on these posts. Love the personalised number plates and a fab pic of the twins looking super cool in their shades :) Phoebe's drawing is amazing - one to be treasured even if it is X-rated! Thanks for sharing your reasons to smile and giving me the opportunity to count my blessings each week - and there's plenty as you will no doubt see :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Elizabeth said...

PS: forgot to say, I'm off in search of Jo's great tits :) :)

Nan G said...

Personalized plates...wow do they rate or what! Love the nude drawing...nude huh! I even like the blue socks and gray pants. tehe Yea house here you go! Hugs from us

Hettie said...

Haa Haa! Great pix of the twinnies and by Pheobe. Sorry I am a bit late but I been a bit busy the last few days!