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Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Hello to all my wonderful blogging friends.  So many of you joined in with my Friday's happy post this week and many more left me really special comments....trust me when I say I really do appreciate all your love and support....hopefully the house moving saga will be coming to the end soon so I have been working hard to finish the second stress busting, knitted quilt this week....

The finished one is on the back of the chair and the second one just needs the last little bit of purple border doing to finish it.....I've really had enough stress to last me a while so am hopeful this time our sale goes through uneventfully.

I had my little twinnie munchkins yesterday and have them again today so have no more crafty pics to show you this week.  They are both full up with really miserable chesty colds so we have had lots of cuddles and many quiet times with...

Lexi is putting the spots on the ladybird on one of the quiet book pages I made for them.....they all get lots of playing with so every minute making them was well spent.

Sam loves his jigsaws and has spent hours doing them over and over again.

They both know almost all their letters so jigsaws become real fun searching out their favourites...Here's Lexi showing you J for Josie jack-in-the-box :-)

I bought several of these scribble travel toys for £1 each and I have to say they have been the best money spent....all 5 of my grandies love them and here is Sam showing off the octopus he's just drawn.

As you can see we have really fun days with all sorts of activities and my desk today will be full of more of the same as they are here for an extra day this week.
If you leave me a little hello message I will pay you a visit either later today or tomorrow depending on how exhausted I am after playing :-)

Annie x

 ATC reminder
As those that join in the Wednesday fun will know we are coming up to our 5th year birthday celebrations....If you want to know the details click on this link to Julia's wonderful instructions.
I usually offer a swap to any that would like to swap with me as well as the one after me on the list on the day and this year is no different.  I've made my ATCs well in advance this year and will be putting them ready to post so if you'd like to swap with me please leave me your name here in the comments and email me your details to wipso@toucansurf.com........I'm sooooo excited already :-)


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Good news abounds, but the twinnies being ill does put a damper on things. Lexi really looks sick. It shows on her face. Must be really bad colds for them to look that poorly.

Glad to see the stress buster quilt is finished. Just in time, I would say. Now it's time to get you moved, because I KNOW you've been moving all these last few months.

Happy WOYWW from #2.

Twiglet said...

Fab photos! See you soon. x Jo

Julia Dunnit said...

Aw bless them, big coughs are so exhausting aren't they. I think it only appropriate that the stress busters are now nearly finished, and I hope that looking at them won't trigger palpitations!

Helen said...

Sorry the twinnies are poorly - hope they get better soon (without passing it on to you!) The stress relieving blankets look fabulous. Helen 8

sandra de said...

Gorgeous photos of your lovely grandee's. Hope all goes well with the sale.
Sandra @12

glitterandglue said...

Hello Annie. Hope the munchkins are soon better. Well done - two stress-busting blankets is enough for anyone. Trust all goes well this time with the house sale and move.
God bless.
Margaret #42

Neil said...

Good morning. Can't believe it's Wednesday again already! Thanks for letting us in to peek at your creative space.
Looks like you've had a lovely time with the children and those quilts look great.
Hope you have a good week too.
Neil #40

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Yay, good news abounds. Love the stress busting blanket, bet your needles were going at 90 mph!
Short comment today, off food shopping for the crop :-)
Hugs, LLJ 21 xx

lisa said...

Hope your house saga really is coming to end, it's been a long one. Well done for all your stressbusting knitting.
Love the piccies of the littlies but hope they are feeling better soon.
Hugs Lisax #47

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh! I love your photos today! Glad to hear that the great house moving saga is nearing to it's end, fingers crossed here! Hope you got my message! Chris xx 46

Hettie said...

Sorry to hear the twinnies have been poorly. Yukky!
I want one of those drawing things. I remember my etch-a-sketch!
I am liking your blankie too.
May we swap please?

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Ah bless them. Hope they'r soon on the mend and you're soon on the move. Have emailed you now. Was convinced I'd done it already. Obviously just in my head!

Fiona #9 (Yes really!)

Eliza said...

Such beautiful Angels even when they are sick, bless them. I hope all goes well with the sale, I think we need to move you ourselves, maybe that will help.

I would love to swap with you I will email you my details.

Eliza & Sleepy head Yoda 26

Eliza said...

Such beautiful Angels even when they are sick, bless them. I hope all goes well with the sale, I think we need to move you ourselves, maybe that will help.

I would love to swap with you I will email you my details.

Eliza & Sleepy head Yoda 26

Chrysalis said...

Hi Annie - sorry the tiddlers are poorly - hope they feel better really soon. The blankets look great, and I hope the sale continues quickly, without any hiccups. Chris # 17 xx

Nan G said...

Not their usual perky smiling faces but it is difficult when one has a bug. Good of you to have quiet games for them. They look so entranced with them. Love knitted blankets. Have a great crop weekend! Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #10

Andrea said...

so pleased all is finally going well for you. now great pics of the twins hoep they get better soon...cuddles always help. looks like they have a greta time with you love that octupus ! have a great week ahead andrea #45

Caro said...

The stress buster quilts are amazing. You really are very talented and I am so excited to be swapping with you again this year! Can't wait. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#44)

Anne said...

Hello Annie thank you for popping by and leaving your kind comments. I am so pleased that there is such good news (sshhhh ) re house sale. Hope munchkins are feeling better. I haven't joined in with WOYWW or been on my blog a lot of late - have been feeling down of late. However after a lovely weekend away with my family( well some of them :-) ) I felt refreshed and happier. Hugs Anne x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh Annie, praying hard all travels along the smoothest of paths for your house move/ sale..

... and love the pickies of your munchkins but note no smiles as you say full of sniffly colds :( but well again soon no doubt :)

I love the rug, every blessing dear friend sorry did not swap atc with you this year my time was committed else where by necessity.. only managed a couple! Shaz in Oz.x #14

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie Happy WOYWW. Oh lucky you having the grandkids and they are at a wonderful stage - so much to learn and obviously you've been creative and have lots to keep them busy. Love your rugs, well done to get them finished. AND do have a fab time at the Crop. Cheers and enjoy the week RobynO#19

Neet said...

So sorry to hear the munchkins have been poorly, hope they are soon back to full health. They are such beautiful children and I still cannot get over Lexi's gorgeous hair.
Hope you do have some good news - great news in fact, for us soon.
Take care and your atc will be in the post another day so can we swap if I haven't already asked - please.
Hugs and thanks for visiting me earlier.
Neet 18 (if only) xx

Chrysalis said...

Hi Annie - just seen that I've got you down for an ATC swap, but don't seem to have a postal address for you. If you email it to me at chrysalisuk87@yahoo.com, I'll get on the case. Take care, Chris x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

Your finished blanket is amazing! And look how grown up Sam and Lexi are! Wow.

I haven't made my ATCs yet - but would you like to swap?

I'm not participating this week but will definitely be here next week.

Happy belated WOYWW
Hugs, Kay

peggy apl said...

Hi Annie, happy for you with your good news! And I hope Sam and Lexi are better by now. I'm looking forward to the WOYWW anniversary as well!

Kelly said...

really made me miss my grands. Thank heavens for technology and facetime chats :-) Afghan turned out pretty.
Creative Blessings! Kelly #70

Angela Coles said...

beautiful knitted quilt, and that ladybird you did for the little one is awesome. Bless them, I hope they are all much better now.

I was going to do the ATC swap, but had too many medical emergencies with the d-kids to be able to craft any.

Blessings to you from Angela

Kezzy said...

Hi Annie, where do I start, it is so nice to be in touch with my woyww buddies again. I'm afraid I had a few months off due to life in general only doing DT stuff. A lot of it was due to my back and not being able to cope, but I have now got a new pain management specialist who is brilliant and one thing he has done to start with is increase my back injections to every 4 months which means no more waiting with pain for two months. It's so exciting, I didn't believe it at first but I had them in December and just as the pain was coming back with a vengeance I had them again in April. I feel like a new person and even started slimming world and hoping to start swimming again. I have just finished my accounts, march - may are always busy but now they have finished I get a few months of less stress and one of the first things I shall be doing is reading up on your blog as it sounds like you have had a lot of stress with the moving, I thought you would have already moved. Those blangets look awesome, I am in the middle of crocheting one, it's a secret crochet group pattern you work through the year. I am behind as the new stitches have been interesting lol but I'm really enjoying it. Wow the twins are growing up so fast. I'm just about to send my addy to you for the ATC swap. I was looking through last year's, I have decided to make a journal/scrapbook of them all I think. Lots of hugs Kezzy:-) xxxxx