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Wednesday, 30 April 2014


It's been another week of celebrating here.  Our youngest daughter Amy was 29 this week and Sunday we all got together for lunch at Shell's new house....I do so love family together times. 

Here on the right is a quick snap of the 5 little ones while we were all together.....

....haven't they all grown since the snap on the left?  :-)

Now I know you have really come to see what I've been busy with this week so here is a snap of Jo helping me to arrange the stress busting, house moving squares I've knitted [160 in total now!!!]....

We are both Librans so to have to make decisions about anything really isn't easy for either of us :-) ...do we go with a boy one and a girl one?, a pastel one and a bright one?....Ooer decisions decisions.  In the end I decided two fairly random coloured ones would be best.

Well?  What do you think?

I've crocheted the big squares together and then went round the outside with 3 rows to tie some of the colours together.  This is the first one finished and the good news is I still have another to complete.

I decided that maybe, just maybe our house move was waiting for the blankets to be finished....Hoping now that I will have news to share soon  :-)

The other things I want to share with you are the two little dolls that Jo [hers is on the left] and I [mine is the one on the right] have now completed for  Margaret over at Glitter and Glue.  They made friends yesterday as soon as I had finished mine and are now winging their way together to Margaret.....hope they arrive safely :-)

If you'd like to knit a little doll for Margaret please pop over to her blog here at Glitter and Glue and help to raise funds for her charity.

Well folks, that's all from me for today.  I have an extra play day with my little twinnies today so it will be later today or tomorrow that I will be able to pay you a return visit but if you leave me a little hello comment I will do my best to pop over to say hello.
Annie x


voodoo vixen said...

Love the picture of Jo looking less than enthralled at choosing what colour goes next to what... good one! Love the finished version, and yes, we are definetly going with the blankets are now ready for the new house... so new house please!! ;) Honestly Annie, you can have too much of this moving lark... I am pig sick of it... but I want you to move and me stay in the same place for a while!! Annette #6

Twiglet said...

Ha - did I give you permission to post that photo of Venus lounging across your carpet!!! See you later! x Jo

Ann B said...

I laughed at Vodoo V's comment above and Jo does look a little underwhelmed with the modeling job. Well done on finishing the blanket, hope you get the sale sorted soon.
Love the dolls, very cuddly.
Ann B

Helen said...

Love the blanket, it looks fabulous - hope you get the new house to model it in very soon! Nice family snap - so good you could all get together. Helen 9

Neet said...

Love the photo of Jo! The two little dolls are fabulous, the squares look great when stitched together and what's this about news? Fingers crossed.
Hugs, Neet 44 xx

Neet said...

Oops! Forgot to mention the little ones. Yes, certainly grown up now and yet it seems only a very short while since they looked like they did on the picture on the left.
Hugs again
Neet 44 xx

jill said...

The blanket turned out great Annie.
How lovely to get a photo of your little ones all together again.
Happy woyww jill #18

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lolol, Jo's face is a picture!! Sometimes, planning just has to be thrown up in the air and random is best!
Your little dolls are great...good for you both for doing them. Margaret will be so happy!
And I'm glad you had a lovely family time...that's what's really important. Look how those kids have grown!
Hugs, LLJ 36 xx

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie and happy WOYWW. And a great big congrats - your blanket looks fabulous...I'm Libran too is that why I dither so much. Cute grandkids have fun with them.. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#35

sandra de said...

The two of you are amazing it really doesn't matter what ever you create is always fab.
Sandra @65

Chrysalis said...

I love the way you've put the squares together and do hope you have some good house news soon. Congrats on the birthday - just lovely to get family together like that. Hugs, Chris # 15

StampinCarol said...

The quilt is so pretty! Love the photo of Jo looking at the squares then her eyes over the top of the quilt. The dolls are just too cute! Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #76

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Jo looks so good lounging on the floor while deciding what squares go with which. And that blanket turned out super, too.

The little ones sure have grown, haven't they? They are all adorable.

And happy belated birthday to Amy, too.

Have fun with the munchkins. We'll be here when you have time to visit. Happy WOYWW from # 2.

Eliza said...

Which squares go with which squares and both being librans you have done well. I think you made the perfect choice too, the blankets look wonderful even the dolls are happy. Good luck with the house stuff... you just never know your luck, maybe it has been waiting for those blankets to be finished.

Happy Crafting.
Hugs Eliza & Yoda 47

Elizabeth said...

Oh my, Annie, haven't the children grown ... it just seems like yesterday I was congratulating you on the birth of the three youngest! That's a great photo of Jo contemplating your squares - she looks deep in thought over such a difficult decision but the completed blanket looks fab and let's hope you're right about what will happen when the last is finished too ... I await good news with bated breath :) Have a great week. Elizabeth x #70

Caro said...

What a fantastic blanket! Looks so lovely and snuggly and those dolls look cute. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#61)

pearshapedcrafting said...

Good choice on the blanket colours! Love the family pics - nothing like having the family together to celebrate. Chrisx 95

Hettie said...

That photo of Jo holding the blanket is so reminiscent of most of the photos taken at our quilting group where all you see is hands and legs. We sometimes play - guess who!! LOL!
Lovely lickle peeps. I hope they are not going to breed in the post! Hmmmn! Bet you didn't think about that when you packed them did you?
Hugs 79!!!!!!!

Nan G said...

Oh my how they have grown! And still looking just as rambunctious and mischievous as ever. :) Love the squares and the finished blanket. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #82

Nan G said...

p.s. Love the knitted dolls!

Nan G said...

p.s. I would love to swap ATCs with you this Annie.

Mrs.D said...

Annie, those blankets are lovely, love that you did 4 small squares, put the together and crocheted around them and then joined the bigger squares and crocheted round then too.
And the rainbow babes are charming as well, but not quite as charming as the row of fast growing up babes at the top. They don't remain babies for long do they?
Chris #42

JoZart said...

The blanket is super and so is the model! Cutey dolls!
Jo x