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Friday, 6 December 2013

This week's smiles....week 47

Phew!.... these weeks really are flying by aren't they?  Here we are on Friday when I post my week's smiley post to share with you.  Thanks to those who linked up last week and welcome to Super Stamp Girl for joining in the fun last week....please join us again and tell all your friends just how good it is to focus on the happy things in life and share them with others.

My featured blog this week is Elizabeth's over at The Silver Scrappers Craft Space.  We had shared A and E emergencies last week with the little ones in our families and I really hope little Brodie has made a good recovery since his little oops moment!  He looks so cute in his cap.

My pics this week are Christmas based and of course are of my gorgeous grandchildren.

My twinnie munchkins looking really excited in their Christmas jumpers.

My other three little munchkins sitting by their newly decorated Christmas tree....don't you just love Steve's little wicked face?

And here are all 5 of them together taken Wednesday night after coming as my little Christmas elves to decorate our Christmas tree....what fun they all have together....I'm not sure who gets more excited though......them or their mummies  :-)

That's all from me for this week....I'm back to my packing boxes now  :-)  The things you find when you're packing up your home!

Please join in by snapping your happy pics some time this week and linking them below...I look forward to seeing what's made you smile.
Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Ah, but those packing boxes made good bleachers/stairs for the little ones to sit on for their photos.

I'm so thrilled for you. I know this is what you have wanted for a LONG time and now it's going to be a reality. No more others backing out of contracts, no more excuses. Just lots of packing. At this point, I don't envy you. But I probably will when you unveil your new home after you've settled in.

BTW, I am wide awake tonight (my time), so I won't be falling asleep before I am able to post a comment (grin).

Have an AWESOME Friday Smiles.

by Gill said...

what great little elves you have there. I can just imagine the excitement of those 5 on Christmas day, you could power a sleigh with them.

have a great week and good luck with the packing.
Gill xx

tilly said...

the excitement explodes through......lol....what fun to have little ones again, bet they can't wait

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Annie I think you are the one who gets the most excited.... And why not so cute. The thought of packing and moving would terrify me good luck

JoZart said...

I can feel how you treasure the joys of such a beautiful family and I'm smiling and so happy for you!
Love jo x

Twiglet said...

Who could ask for anything more!! x Jo

Pearly Queen said...

You're so festive already!!! I must go and find my Christmas lights...


Hettie said...

Awww Bless em! They look so cute. Make the most of it as they won't want all this in a few years, sadly.
I also think YOU are the most excited of them all!
Don't envy you with your packing but it must be wonderful to find old stuff again.

505whimsygirl said...

Adorable! Children are what makes Christmas so fun!


mamapez5 said...

Your little twinnies are growing up so fast. I love to see the children taking delight in the Christmas tree. have a happy family Christmas together. Kate x

Nan G said...

I'll bet the mummies are more excited....off to Gram's with the kiddies means quiet time for them. :) Your GKs are so cute. Hugs