Friday, 8 November 2013

This week's smiles.....week 43 and a little quiz :-)

Hello folks.  Another manic week for me about you? 

We had lots of you joining in the fun last week and today I am featuring the melted bats that Janet shared and the cat in the bat cave that Jan shared....they sort of went well together  with it being near Halloween  :-)
Well done girls and thanks for sharing them.

This week had three busy twinnie munchkin days on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the pic I am sharing today was taken at lunchtime on Tuesday....It's a bit of an 'eat up quick while you are still awake' snap.  My little munchkins are up at silly o'clock to come to Nanny Annie's in time for their Mummy and Daddy to go to work and as you can see it has to be an early lunch before their naps.....doesn't Sam look so cute here?

I am also giving you something to think about this week.  I am given all sorts of challenges during my sewing days and this week has been no exception.  The only clues I am giving you are...
  • The customer was male and of working age
  • He uses one of these during his working day
  • I have to make him to use and one to wash as a spare[ yes he will get it dirty :-) ]
  • on the left is the paper pattern I have takes two of these to make it.
  • on the right is the calico fabric I am to make it with

I would like you to have a guess at what I'm making.  I will be choosing the best guess...if not the right answer then it will be the guess that makes me laugh most....and I just might find a little something as a thank you gift to send to you.  Go on put your thinking caps on and let me know what you come up with.  I will give it a couple of weeks and will post a pic of the finished item with the name of the winner.

Now I want you to snap something that has made you smile this week and share it with all of us by linking below.  Thanks for joining in the fun and making the world a happier place to be.

Annie x


Helen said...

oh, bless little Sam! The obvious answer to your quiz would be a pair of overalls but the second pic looks more like a giant nappy! Have a great week, thanks for the smiles.

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh I remember this...what's sweet picture!

Nan G said...

Oh so glad to see I'm not the only one who thought of 'make depends' or her more appropriate -nappy-! LOL hhmm some type of arm protector? Can't wait to see what it is!!

Hettie said...

Haa Haa! I know how Sam feels sometimes! So cute.
I am guessing a sumo wrestler? Haa Haa!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, such a sweet photo of the very drowsy Sam. It so reminds me of the time my own baby son fell fast asleep, head first into his spaghetti dinner!

If it wasn't for the calico ... cream is such a light colour ... I would guess you are making a holder for a hammer ... or as Tommy Walsh, famed builder in Ground Force,etc., calls it, his Madame Tootsie :))

Hoping to be back later with my Friday Smile - if only I can find some time, sigh!

Elizabeth xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a cutie Sam is and today;s smile is no different. I wonder if the time change makes any difference, since the kids now get up and go home in the dark.

I think you're making a jock strap for a giant.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Imagine my SHOCK and surprise when I woke this morning and saw my comment had NOT been published before I went to bed. My most sincere apology, because I never leave without letting anyone, much less my host, not know I was here. Thanks for understanding. Guess I was imitating Sam!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Just saw the comment you left on my blog post, so I guess you noticed, too!

fairy thoughts said...

Mmm I wander what it could be looks like it might fit a giraffe.... Long neck you see but I guess not is he a baker?

famfa said...

Is he a sumo wrestler?

mamapez5 said...

Wow. you got to me fast. I had only just published it and was still fiddling around getting the new link to my project to work!
A lovely photo of Sam. It takes me straight back to when mine were small. I bet he didn't eat much of that lunch.
My imagination fails me with your sewing. I haven't a clue!
Kate x

tricia said...

Sam looks so cute - did he eat the sandwich. as for the pattern looks like a sumo wrestlers garb!!

Twiglet said...

Such a lovely photo of little Sam. I know what you're making.. la la la la la. x Jo

Laura said...

...something vaguely T shaped. I can only think of a pick axe but why he'd need two covers for a pick axe I have no idea!
Thanks for the smiles x

Denise Bryant said...

A padded seat cover for a bicycle? I know my butt hurts when I sit on those darn hard seats...

tilly said...

maybe a brush holder for a decorator or a winter warmer for Men's Bits lol

Anonymous said...

i cant tell from the pattern as im hopeless at sewing but im guessing a potters or painters smock

Gill xx

mountainear said...

I think you might be making a funnely sort of thing for a chap who needs to funnel dry goods (?) from somewhere to somewhere else.

Love your sleepy boy - we had one who would also crash out just like that. Usually in spaghetti too!