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Monday, 23 September 2013

Flat Susan is all partied out...

Flat Susan will be setting off very soon on another journey, this time to LaCretia in USA.  It will be a long flight but to be honest I think she is shattered from all the Birthday celebrations we have had over the last week and will be glad of the rest.  I took a few pics of some of the things she got up to to share with you....

She enjoyed all the new birthday presents that the twins had.

"I can see a long way from up here.  This castle made me feel like a princess."

"Wahooooooo!  I loved riding this gorgeous little pony"

 " This was pretty scary!  I just took hold of the end and up it flew!  It was just as well it had a good heavy weight on the bottom or I could have been in USA before I'd planned."

" When Annie lifted me safely down off that balloon I took a nice warm bath in the new dolls house and....

....went for a lie down to recover!"

After all the excitement I think she has really enjoyed her stay here in Shropshire.  I will be tucking her up in her suitcase soon with all she travels with and have made this tag to go with her as a gift for LaCretia.  

Safe journey Flat Susan.  I've loved having you.

Annie x


Neet said...

Fabulous post Annie. Love the various places she ventured into whilst staying with you for the party. Bet that bath was welcome after her tiring day. Glad to see she did not disgrace herself.

Hugs, Neet xx

mamapez5 said...

It looks as though she had a great time with you. I can't wait until she visits me in Spain. Kate x

Twiglet said...

She has had fun hasn't she. x Jo

voodoo vixen said...

I think FS had perfect timing for her visit with getting to play with all the new toys! Lovely tag she is flying of with too!

JoZart said...

How lucky you had places and items of her scale in your home after all her excitement, ballon flying etc. Great pics and great post,
Jo x

fairy thoughts said...

hi annie
looks like FS had a ball with you and the little munchkins

Nan G said...

A thoroughly enjoyed party! Safe travels FS! Can't wait for her to visit Florida!